Friday, January 21, 2011

And then there were THREE!!!

WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! Yay!! I have been beyond excited for 5 weeks now and I can finally release some of this excitement! Wow, it's been hard. We found out on December 17th right before we were headed to Itta Bena for a dear friends birthday. I had felt a little weird all week and one minute would think maybe I'm pregnant and then talk myself out of it the next. I took a test just for the heck of it on Wednesday and got a negative result, I thought no biggie I'll wait to see if that lovely day of the month comes and then go from there. Well being the OCD person that I am, Friday rolled around and I had to try it again. Chris had heard me say I felt weird throughout the week but being a guy he just said, "Kelley, you're not pregnant". So not wanting to "overreact" I decided to just keep this 2nd test to myself... well, until the results came that is!!!! I took the test as I was getting ready and sat it on the back of the toilet. I went back to doing my make up {concealer shaking} and glanced back about 5 min. later. Heartattack, yes I had one!! I was expecting to see that one little circle staring back at me as white as can be, but no mam not this time! There was a line! It was faint, but it was a line!! I immediately ran to Chris and said "Omg, look!!!" as I showed him the test. He still thinks it is quite funny to reenact the hand gestures I did that day, it looks somewhat like a 90 year old grandma shaking out of her skin! :) but get this, he didn't believe me! Yeah sure, I just made this stick show a line on my own. I about killed him! Then after I gave him a little First Response 101, he finally started to believe me. I think we were both in shock! The next day we went to the minor medical to confirm the pregnancy (of course I had to find out on a Friday night = no doctor offices open). The sweet nurse behind the counter saved me 8 hours of wait time by telling me there are seldom false positives and that by the time my blood work came back I could see my OB and just to breathe... I'm pregnant! So then we headed over to the parents house with stockings filled with baby bibs. I will never forget the looks on each of their faces. Tears a-flowin' and emotions running... it was a day I will cherish forever.

These past 5 weeks have not been easy staying in hiding, but I really wanted to wait until I heard the heartbeat to tell anyone. It amazes me that when my Mom had me she never had an ultrasound, not one. Thank God for new technology because I think I would literally be a nervous wreck for 9 straight months if I didn't get that confirmation in front of my face. I have really been trying to put all of this in God's hands. I know that no matter how much I worry this is his creation he planned long ago that frankly I have no control over. I came across a verse yesterday and I think God put it in my face just in time to test me! It was about fear and that God's love drives out fear (1 John 4:18). Well sure enough our first ultrasound was scheduled on a day that it snowed. We cut it close planning to have some friends over the day after the ultrasound and tell them we are pregnant. Well therefore, a snowed out ultrasound + the announcement the next day = FEAR! Yes, we showed up at 7:30 a.m. with no doctor in sight. Chris was half a sleep due to his night shift and I was fighting back tears (hormones or the early hour?) We could not get in touch with anyone at the office so I took a deep breath and decided I was going to have to just trust that everything inside my tummy was ok and it was still ok to tell friends. I headed to work trying to start the day again and my phone rang... it was an angel of a nurse rescheduling my appt. for later in the day!! And again I cried (these hormones I tell ya! haha!) Poor Chris went and got a few hours sleep and then we headed back to try this once again. Well I must say it was worth the wait!! Our little booger checked out perfect!!!! The doctor said everything was measuring perfect in size and right on time. She showed us the little heartbeat and then all of a sudden it sounded like a loud drum beating so fast... it was our babies heartbeat:) I'm not quite sure if my heart or the baby's heart was beating faster, but it was amazing!!
I truly cannot express how blessed we feel! Now more than ever I see how amazing He is. We are so excited and cannot thank God enough! We have a long journey ahead and hope you all will continue to pray for us and the little booger! :) August 28th is the day.

*9 Week Ultrasound*

Much Love!