Monday, December 8, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone is enjoying kicking off the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas at The Clark's is in full force and we are loving every minute!
I've decided to take a break from my blog during the holidays (seeing as I'm already behind anyways, Haha!) & enjoy those extra moments with my babies and family! I'll be jumping back on it in 2015 & playing some catch up!!
For now, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Here's a little glimpse into our Christmas thus far...
A 3 year old obsessed with everything Christmas and Baby's First Christmas, does it get any better?! ;)

Someone has been excited since July to decorate for Christmas!!

Enchanted Forest! Santa fist bump;)

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Look who's back!! GUS :)~ He's been super silly & bringing lots of treats!


Gray's Halloween Program!

Grayson had his Halloween program at school! It's one of my favorite things about his school. I love that they let them dress up! It's so fun!

We made these little marshmallow pops for his class!

And some yummy puppy chow for his teachers!

"It's a TREAT being in your class!"

They all parade out in their little costumes... it's adorable! There's my Spidey!!!

He rocked it again this year! I was so proud of him!

He spotted me and kept waving... love him!

He did great with all of the motions... my little performer!

The monster boogie;)

Haha! Love this one! He was adding some cute little facial expressions!!

He had quite the audience... a lot of proud grandparents too!!

Our boy:)

And with all that was going on, he still kept checking to make sure Beckham was okay. Sweet angel!


Grayson we are so proud of you and your little outgoing personality! You did awesome!!

Halloween Prep!

Chris and I have always carved pumpkins every year, but we usually do it after little monkey is in bed! This year we figured he was old enough to join in on the fun! 

He loved it ;)

Sporting his glow in the dark Halloween shirt he made at school!

He picked Spider-Man and Sully to carve... not difficult at all ;)

Daddy & Aunt Meg Meg helping with the "guts". Grayson was not about to touch them, haha!

Working hard... he just kept wanting to put the tops back on them!

The finished product!

I'm sure glad Grayson enjoyed them, because I about lost a finger carving these things!!

The things you do for your kids!! :)

One rainy day we stayed home and converted a shipping box into this! Beck's first fort:)

They loved it and played in it for hours! Amazing how entertaining a cardboard box can be!!

A little popcorn & movie too!

Love fun snuggly days with these 2!!! :)