Thursday, May 14, 2015

*Snow Day #1!*

It's always fun when you get even a little bit of snow in Memphis!!
This boy woke up and was SO excited!

It was on the streets, score! No school or work :)

Copper just loves it too!

Chris & I are kids when it comes to snow days! We love getting out and playing in it!

Beck didn't play too much, but he sure was amazed by his first snow day!!

Daddy on the snow board...he busted shortly after this ;)

Pure joy on that face!!


Yep, this was the bust! So glad I caught it on video! Hehe!

What's going on Mom?!

Love these two to pieces!

Snow prints!

He's definitely not afraid to get down and dirty in it. We were so afraid he was freezing but it didn't seem to bother him!

Of course ya gotta have some good grub for snow days! Homemade pizza!!

Then lots of snuggling and wrestling, of course:)

We headed over to the Miskel's for some fun night sledding on their hill. It was way too cold for Beck so we kept the car running with the heat going. He had the best seat in the house and I joined him most of the time!

Of course the boys had to get into some trouble! Gray absolutely loved it. I was worried he was gonna crash but he acted like he was 12 out there.

See ya Daddy!!

Ready for more!!

His Daddy was loving every minute of showing him the ropes of big boy sledding. Great memories!!

The next day the snow was still there so we just had to wake up and make a "fortress"! These boys loved it!

Beck loved it and all the attention surrounding him!

Hey there!

No snow day is complete without homemade chili! Grayson helped:)

Different day, different pajamas, same fortress :)

Holding down the fort... literally! Ha!

My mom finally braved the snow and came over for a visit. After this many snow days I need a drink!!

Sweet angel!

I got Grayson out for some laundry basket sledding! It was quite hilarious!

His favorite part, cracking all the icicles!

Snow day selfies :)

Having so much fun with my buddy!

Snow angel, fo sho!

By this day I'm pretty sure we were all ready to pull our hair out. I had completely run out of ideas to entertain. We started the day with making a fruit loop necklace!

I turn around and he ate the all! Haha, guilty face!

Then why not bake a big ole' cookie from scratch?!

Water fun with our ninja turtles. We continued the day teaching Grayson his address, alphabet, names of family members... yep, I was desperate for entertainment. We had so much fun though! I know you can get real stir crazy being in the home so many days, but I do really love the fact you are forced to just stop and snuggle. We're always on the go, so these memories are definitely cherished!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Valentine's Day!

Grayson preparing all of his Valentine's for school! Ninja turtle Valentine's, of course :)

He got about half way through, took the ninja cards and said here Mom, you do it! ;)

He was all about the treats though:)

Sharing with Daddy!

and a little taste testing himself!

Signed, sealed and ready to deliver!!

Making a favorite for Daddy... peanut butter cup ice cream cake!

Nom nom!

After a few tears of not liking the ice cream cake (3 year old drama king who doesn't like much chocolate?!) We moved on to shirley temples!!

And candy hearts! There's that smile:)


A little Valentine painting for Daddy!

So proud!

We decided to put on a Valentine hunt for Daddy to find his ice cream cake!

Searching for the next clue...

Beckham even hid some himself!

Not sure who enjoyed it more!

This might have been about the time Grayson told him, "Hurry, we have to find your ice cream cake!" Haha! That boy is about as good with surprises as his Daddy ;)

He found it!! We love you Daddy!

Some treats for the G-man on Valentine's morning!

Sooo excited!

I'm pretty sure Valentine's Day is just an excuse to let kids eat a bunch of sugar all day! Candy hearts at 9 am? Sure, why not!

Carrying on our tradition of a big balloon in his high chair!

We let Grayson take all the glory this year and this dude was happy with just a big ole' bottle! I'm sure next year it will be double the sugar... uhoh!!

About how my attempts go to get a picture of them together...

Another tradition.... Valentine's Day is never complete without a trip to Gibson's! For some people watching...

and DONUTS!! 

Just another day to celebrate all the love in our lives! I've got even more this year... how is that possible?! ;)