Friday, April 26, 2013

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Somebody's been working hard around here!

Game Face:)~

My little rainbow sprinkler!

The best helper I could eva have:)

 Workin' hard for the
Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a weekend full of All PLAY, NO Work!! :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kate's Special Day!

There is this special little girl named, Kate Miskel that Grayson is just in love with! :) We went to her birthday party at the Big Backyard and had a blast!

Gray with his plant he planted!

 Asking where Kate is;)

 Luckily Grandma Terry helped him find her!

 Snack Time!

How cute is the birthday girl?!

 So sweet:)

Leave it up to Grayson to find the only man at the party to play with... he loves hangin' with the big guys! Thanks Justin:)

He was so excited about going "side" a.k.a. outside at the BBY he started dancing! Here's a little snapping action...

He's not excited at all!! Haha!

 I own this place!! :)

 Tunnel fun with Hiett!

 Hey sweet boy!

 Nothing gets between this boy and his "bat ball"... he was on a mission!

Whatcha thinkin', buddy?!

 Maybe one day! Hehe!

It was a gorgeous day... so after the party and a nap we were ready for some more fun!

 Happy lil' thang!

 When he plays he gets so deep into thought, I love it... I wish I knew what was going through that little mind...


 Clark Photo Shoot:)

Oh how I love these boys!!

There's no other joy like it!

 I love getting my tickles:)

Annnd head dunking again, ha!

 Refreshing, ay?

 My boys and their trucks:)

Spelling out the whole fam!

 The face... no telling!
Thank goodness we can play outside... he neva eva likes to stop!

Blessed with pretty days with my babies:)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FuN iN tHe SuN!

Spring time is here and these folks are excited! Especially this outdoor obsessed little boy:)
First trip to The Zoo this season! First stop, coke icee: check!
"Hey Tishy!" a.k.a. Fishy:)
 He LOVED the donkey! He was so brave at first right up close to the fence...
 Then the donkey eeeyyyaawwwed and this is where he landed! Haha! It was hilarious!

Mama, what was that!!
 I'll just wave from here, hehe!
 The goats were a little smaller so he went back to having no fear! Who knew out of all of the animals in the zoo and he just wanted to hang with the goats;)

So intrigued by the leopards chasing the kids behind the fence?! Creepy!
 A little snack & this boy was o.u.t... can ya tell? :)
We've also been getting our yard ready for Spring! I have the best little helper...
 He kept saying "help, help" and getting all in the dirt... a little boys heaven:)
Can't have a Memphis summer without some agua! We're ready!
I think he's a little excited!

What a look, haha! I'm sure I will get many more of these in the future;)
Sooo fun!!

Splish, splash...
 Wow, a little too much splish splash!
 His favorite thing to do was get out and dunk his head in, really?!
 Too funny!
 Thanks to Bic Bic & Papa he has water table fun too!

And ya can't have hot day without a popsicle!

Thanks to Papa for all of his hardwork on making our yard look so pretty! We love you:)
Here's to many more sunny days & fun to come! :)