Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hippity Hop Hop, Bun Bun!

Hoppy Easter from Grayson and the "Bun Bun"!!
{Please excuse the picture overload, but times like these I take way too many pictures and can never choose!} 
Easter morning Grayson woke up to goodies by his bed that the Easter Bunny brought him! If only the Easter bunny would have known the $1 bottle pop would have been his favorite thing;)
Look at the excitement on that face!!
Soo excited!
Hehe! :)
Snuggling with my buddy, sorry I had just rose...
He was so happy! Full heart for Mommy for sure!
Sidewalk chalk & bubble machines... ready for summer fun!
and then the bunny left more in the living room! Pools & bath toys, oh my!
but still the bottle pop was #1!

Eating a good ole' Easter mornin' breakfast!
"Where's your milk?!"
Dada helping Gray slide...
We always host Easter at our house every year! I had a blast coming up with some fun things for the occassion!
Cake Pops, Pink Lemonade Cake, Frozen Bunny Bars & Homemade Ice cream was what was for dessert!
Couldn't imagine a better centerpiece?! Hehe!
Somebody just woke up from their nap!

More goodies from Bic Bic & Papa!!
My lil' fam:)
It's sort of impossible to get a perfect picture!
He got a shaving kit and tried to shave his head;( Hope he never does this for real, ha! Wonder who he gets that from?!?
Bic Bic teaching him all about shaving cream!
His loot:)
Nonna & Pop got him a cozy coop truck!
This is what he did when he saw it coming down the hall, haha! I love it!!
These things are a lot more high tech than back in my day!
Thanks Nonna & Pop, he loves his "tuck".
Those big eyes are so proud:)

Hope he doesn't get any driving skills from Pop, hehe j/k!
Looks like they've already started;)
Now he can be just like Dada in his truck!
Pure bliss;)

Taking bear for a ride with a beverage!
Dinner's served! This family went the BBQ route and it was amazing! (Yes, those are corny name cards for the food! Ha, I had to!)
Chris's amazing ribs!!

Cake pop in my cozy coop... life is good!
Grayson's Easter Egg Hunt!!

He was so excited when he found one!

I love my family!
Workin' hard!
Get in there!!

Sweet moments.
Then he discovered there was "can can" (M&M's) in them and he went back and ate like a 100 M&M's! 
So big!
What is Daddy up to?! 
He quickly learned you do not put your face in front of the bubble machine... ouch!
These 2 karaoking... uhoh!
And of course it wouldn't be Easter without the Annual Clark, Hemphill, Young Egg Toss!
Chris & I were sad to hand over the championship golden egg;( but they deserved it! It's on next year!!:)
And the day after we had a lot of fun in our Easter stickers if ya can't tell?! :)
He forgot about them and kept them on all day! Hehe, it made me laugh! Mommy & Daddy were covered too:)
What an amazing Easter! I am so thankful to spend this holiday with my wonderful family! Most of all, I cannot thank Jesus enough for all he's done to wash away my sins and give me this wonderful life here on Earth. I will forever owe it all to You!

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