Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christmas Cheer!

Grayson brought me a gift home from school one day! I love his little school and all of the fun things they do! I will cherish all the crafts and memories he brings home forever!

I was impressed! It was the cutest little ornament with his name...
and reindeer fingerprint! So sweet;)

He also got a present from his teachers!

It was a fun little penguin book! Too nice!

I finally got some new stockings this year! I love them! Thank you BicBic:)

And one of my favorite Christmas decorations! My card tree! I loove getting them in the mail!

Giving Daddy an early Christmas present... Tiger Basketball tickets, of course:)

Nonna came over and we made cookies for Santa!

I love this age where he's my little helper in the kitchen!

My little sidekick!

It wouldn't be fun if we didn't make a mess:)

Proud of his decorating skills!

The masterpiece:)

We also started a new tradition this year... the Sunday before Christmas we headed out and went looking at Christmas lights. It was so fun and I think we hit the jackpot;)

School Christmas Program

Welp, Grayson's school Christmas program went rather interesting/unexpected this year! If you read my post on his Halloween program I said how he totally rocked it... Welllll this time not so much, haha! He doesn't usually go to school on Mondays so I had to drop him off 30 minutes before the program with no nap. He was so confused why he was there and then when he walked out and saw all of us I think he just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry... soo he kinda did! haa! This is why I only got 2 pictures from the program. I tried to console him but he was done! So he sat in my lap and we watched everyone shake their jingle bells! Hehe! I still love my super star & it was a memory to remember for sure!

Here he is walking out! What is going on?!

This was about as far as he got! ha!:)

I mean I think he really just wanted to play with his grandparents!

He sure had a lot of support... Bic Bic & Papa!

Nonna & Pop!

Mommy & Daddy!

Kissing that little red nose:)

Winning us over anyways;)

Cookies and his favorite people and all was well!

We then went home and worked it out with A NAP & some bubble poppin'! ;)
It was a good day! :)

Gray's 1st Tiger Bball Game!!

Grayson got to go to his first basketball game! We were a little skeptical about taking him (not knowing whether he would sit still longer than 5 minutes) but he did great! He absolutely loved it and was into the game and all the fun going on around him!! 

Here he is on his way... dressed in Tiger blue!

Pre game dinner... just chewing on a knife... what, that's not normal?:)

I think Daddy was excited as he was!

My lil' Tiger boys!

I loved our seats! We were right where the team ran out... Grayson got to be right in the middle of it all!

Like father, like son...


Such a memory! Can't wait for many more Tiger games to come!

He sat like this 80% of the time... I was so impressed! I guess he's like his Daddy... when there's a Tiger game going on nothing else matters! hehe!

He had a few treats to keep him distracted too!

I think he had just a bit of fun;)

I spy a little high five action...

This player thought Gray was mighty cute! :) We had a blast and will definitely be taking this lil fan back for more!

*The Enchanted Forest*

We went to the Enchanted Forest again this year and Grayson loved it! Here he is with one of his favorite animals, penguins!


I guess he thought he was cute enough to be a part of the exhibit! ;)

Love my buddy!

He loves some "frostys!"

He loved this little reindeer and kept petting it...

Uhoh, I spy Santa!!!

This was his 2nd time to visit Santa and he rocked it! He just loooves Santa!

Especially when he gives him candy canes:)

Of course one of his favorite parts! The dancing disco!!

A little sprite and chicken fingers and we called it a day! So fun:)