Monday, August 27, 2012

Miami: Part 2

Better late than never, right?! Yes, this is our trip we took 2 months ago! Life has been busy around here with a little man turning ONE!! I am working on that post as we speak! It's hard to put this past weekend into words, but coming soon!
*Miami: Part 2*
Wednesday was July 4th and we had a huge blowout at Nita & Bob's!
Here is Kylie dressed for the festivities!

The gang... I sure miss these folks!

He loves Aunt Lindz!!
Sweet boy!
He loved Uncle Josh!
They look mighty cute as a family of 3:)
So fun! Love my sis!
Gray wanted nothing to do with the shades... all I heard was craacck!
My bestest friends right there!
Chris & Bob manin' the grill!
Yum yum!!

Kylie & Grayson in their matching outfits:)
Gray ruining the picture pulling hair:)

Good ole' Keith!


Party poopers;)!
Me & my lovebug having a great 4th!

perfect lil couple.

Shooting some fireworks!

We packed up halfway through the trip & headed to Lindz & Josh's to stay a couple of days! Gray was exhausteddd!

Lovin' on Ella Grace! She was so good with him!
We sat out on the patio for hours singing "Party like a Rockstar" w/beads! He danced the night away:)
Can't believe I am sharing this pic, but it was a fun memory I never want to forget. We all made a
"pallet" which is very popular in the Hemphill family & snuggled and watched movies! It was one of my favorites nights!

Friday we went to a water park and I don't know if the kids or Chris & Josh had more fun?!?:)


Cheesin' with my dada!
Kylie made Nita go down the slide, it was hilarious!
Gray & I riding the seal, haha!
Friday night we had a kid free night & went out for dinner & drinks w/Lindz & Josh! Gray getting some daddy time before!

Before date night!
These pictures make me sad... I miss my sis more than anything!!
My whole world:)
Love these boys!!
Their little family in front of their house! So happy for them!
Haha! my lil model
While we were out we saw Michael Oher from the Blindside! It was so cool! He was huge...obviously! & really nice!
And yes, Chris & I got a little something special while we were down there! We had talked months before the trip about wanting to get a tattoo that said Gray. We thought it would be fun to do it in Miami... and we did it. We both really like it and of course it means something very special. I also love that we share it together:)
The last night we cooked out & relaxed at Lindz & Josh's! I love this picture... Grayson had fallen in love with everyone at this point!
Something about Cliff... he loved him from day one. Look at him looking at him! Gah, I wish we all lived closer:(
And I could have only imagined it would have happened like this, but he took to Nene the second he saw her! He had met her before, but was too little to remember! It's hard we don't get to see her enough! Everybody loves Nene!

And of course, Kylie he just loved! She took care of him the whole trip! I sure do miss my family and hope it's not as long before we see them again! It alread feels like forever!!
Much love to my Miami fam!! We miss you more than you know!