Tuesday, July 31, 2012

11 Months!

I'm whaaaa?!?

You mean it's almost my first birthday??...

Awww yeahh!

*11 Months*

 Weight: 21 lbs.
Height: 29 inches or so inches (we don't sit still:)
Clothes: 12 months
Diaper Size: Size 3

Little monkey acting bashful, yeah right:)

This picture looks just like my dad's baby pictures! Crazy!

I so happy:)
 What Grayson Likes: To eat, of course! He always has, but wow I feel like with all the big people food and snacks he can have now he doesn't stop eating! Luckily some of his favorites are broccoli, rice, peas, green grapes, blueberries and mashed potatoes!, He also loves to talk!! One of his favorite words is "gagaga" and he crawls around the house screaming it at the top of his lungs, he has started to have full blown conversations with himself (If only we knew what he were saying! :), He also says "mama, "dada", "nonna", says "heeyy" and waves and he is starting to say "Copper"!!, He loves books and dragging them across the floor, sometimes he will hand me one and climb in my lap (melt.my.heart), He loves to walk across all the furniture and is pretty sneaky how he will go from a low piece of furniture over to a high piece to reach the frames, flowers, etc... time to rearrange I do believe!, He thinks it's so funny to pull a blanket over his head and then pull it off... he just giggles and giggles (we do too, of course!), He loves going to the bookstore and playing with the train table!, And of course, he still LOVES to dance;)...

 What Grayson Dislikes: He is still not too fond of going places without us, but we are trying to work on it! I have been taking him to the gym I work at on days I don't work and leaving him by himself in the nursery while I workout. He is used to those people more than others from me working there and it went pretty well. They said he played well with the kids, but got a little upset when he looked at them I think b/c it reminded him I wasn't there:( We will get there though! Other than that, he has learned to throw fits when you take something from him or move him from somewhere he's not supposed to be... I know I will eat these words one day, but it's kinda cute:)

 Best Moment this Month: Out of all the months we have laughed harder this month by far!! He has the funniest personality and sometimes I forget he's only 11 months because he sure knows how to play us with those eyes & smile! He's still mister sensitive though & I kinda like that:) Sometimes when he accidentally hits me in the nose or something I will cover my face like it hurts (or sometimes it really does) and he gets the most worried look on his face, sticks out his bottom lip and pulls my hands off my face... Gray does not like when Momma or Dada are hurt. Also, when we say "looove the bear" or whatever he is playing, with he will squeeze it or bend over and lay on it, sweet boy! He has also started giving kisses!! I usually say "give momma kisses" and he will lean with his mouth wide open on my mouth! I usually end it with an "aww thank you" and he just tucks his chin and giggles like he's a little embarresed. Seriously?! That's all it takes!

 This Month I: Have learned to bite:), I also think it's funny when I pull peoples hair, but they always seem to laugh too when I do!, I have really advanced in my crawling and can get a lot more places quicker... I have eaten some dog food, climbed the china cabinet and played with some too, I LOVE to push the one button that turns the TV box on and off... mom & dad seem to really like that:), I've played with toilet water, tried to dive head first in the bath and I can climb up the rails of the chairs too! Life is getting more fun by the day! Mom & Dad also keep saying this awful word "no no!" I totally get what it means and shake my head no no, but usually just respond with "I good", hopefully they will let it go! I'm also starting to stand for a few seconds on my own! I can even find things when they ask me where it is like a ball or big bird... which they think is pretty impressive!, and 1 more thing... when they say "suuuper graayyy!" I put my hands up like I'm superman!! I mean I am, right?:)

 And just a few facts for Momma to remember:
- I take 2 naps; one long & one cat nap
- I still take about 4 bottles a day; 2 in the morning, 1 mid afternoon & 1 at night
- I have 6 teeth & 2 more on the way
- I sleep 8:00p-8:00a most days!
- We took down the exersaucer and made it into a play table which is so fun! He loves to put his little friends on it and play (like a big boy:(
- Also, I think we've gotten to the bottom of this blue eye thing... they are more gray/blue than blue and it wasn't until my Aunt reminded us our Bibbie had the exact same color eyes. I don't think we've repeated that once without crying! I knew he was super special:)

This is what I do all day...chase,


chase! (he's fast!)

He loves to look outside... poor guy, I wish it wasn't 900 degrees and we could be out there more!

Eating his big boy food!

Playing in my old tree house! He loves to push his legs to slide down!

Ironically, one night I was lying in bed a little emotional that he is turning one so soon! Not 5 min. later I turned over to see this... Graybear knew what momma needed... late night cuddle time! And you better bet we cuddled extra long & tight that night:)

Playing with Leighton!

"Loving" the teddy bear;)

Heat index of 110
 makes for a day of playing with beach buckets indoors!

At the bookstore playing with the train table...

Ya think he loves it or what?!

One day we went and fed the ducks... he stared the whole time, like what in the world!

Think they'll share their snack?!

We love late afternoon strolls in our wagon!

Pool time...

Taking a break for some fish!

I bought this for a major bargain before he was born so he could watch the UFC fight's with Daddy! Totally forgot about it and had to drag it out the other weekend... they aren't so bad to watch if you can stare at this:)

Nonna bought me a big bird at the bookstore & I'm pretty sure it's my favorite toy at the moment... I play with other one's too but always keep big bird in a chokehold:)

One time Mom forgot about my dinner before my bath so we had chicken & mashed potatoes in the bath... I wish she'd forget more often:)

Watching Momma's 1st birthday home video... wow, I wanna walk like that!

and the latest... one handed/belly out watching the Olympics:) Life is good...
 Really?! My next update he will be a year old :( I am not ready for this, yet feel so blessed to have this sweet angel to wake up to everyday! I must say this past year beats them all & I'm ready for all the fun to come with my little family:)

{P.S. Miami: Part 2 to come... trying to get all the pics downloaded from the MANY memory cards we filled!}

Friday, July 13, 2012

Miami: Part 1

We had such an amazing time in Miami! I had been looking forward to this trip before Grayson was even born and it was just as wonderful as I expected. We took lots of pictures and packed our trip full so I'm dividing this post in two. Here's our trip Saturday - Tuesday...

First things first, Grayson did such a great job on the airplane ride there and back! I had all these toys, snacks, movies, etc. packed and he didn't use one of them, ha! He fell sound asleep in my arms and slept the whole time except for when we were decending and he just looked around. Angel:)

When we arrived on Saturday Lindsey & Josh had a beautiful little dinner planned at their house. Which by the way their new house is so perfect... I am so happy for them!
Nita & Gray at Lindz's... he took to her right away:)

Kylie, Gray & Bob... he was spoiled with attention for a week straight!!

Kylie is so in love with Grayson and he loves her as well! They had the best time together! Also, Grayson's new toy from Cliff & Christie, thanks guys!!

Kylie was so cute how she protected Grayson. She kept saying "hims is everywere, hims gonna get hurt!" haha!

Wish I wasn't so far away from these folks:(

My favs;)

The boys... my sis and I did well I must say:) hehe!

We were so happy to see Nonna too! She went down a week early & it felt like forever!!

The gang! I love you all!

My best buddies right here...:)

Love it!

Sunday we went to my cousin's condo pool at "Blue" where we also had my bridesmaid luncheon 2 years ago. This was my first time back there since then... so many fun memories to remember & still as beautiful as ever!

He was worn out!

Nonna, Chris & Nita (Chris sends Grayson like 900 gifts at random times! So glad Grayson finally got to meet him!)

Good times... can we go back?!

So happy for my sister! We love Josh!

Kylie and her sweet momma swimmin'

Aunt Lindz is a very good entertainer I must say;)

Adorable little Kylie!

He loves his Dada!

Sunday night we hung out at the house and Kylie and Grayson had fun in the flowers!

Sorry Daddy;) but he does look pretty, I mean pretty cute:)

Monday morning the guys woke up at the crack of dawn and went fishing on Keith's boat... this is the picture I woke up to! So proud of my little fisherman:)

Breakfast at Nene's!

Monday we had a full out beach day! My mom and I thought walking to the beach with Grayson would be fun instead of riding in a boring ole car. WELL first time mom mistake right here... we couldn't feel our arms when we got there and I think we were about to lose it on each other, haha! Please look at all our junk below before you make fun;)

Grayson LOVED the ocean! He kept wanting to get in and even fell asleep in Daddy's arms in the middle of the ocean later that day.

Sand buddies:) Grayson ate the sand, the rocks, the shells, haha and didn't think they were gross at all :)

Me & my beach baby! Love this little guy more than life!!

Momma made a run for a mango popsicle and he sure thought it was the best thing in the world!

In momma's arms after bobble heading with daddy in the ocean, ha can't blame him!

Might be one of my favorite pics ever! My heart in a picture...

Grayson giving Kylie her tinkerbell barbie doll he brought her!

Gray in his fedora! Chris & him have matching ones, but of course I didn't get a picture of them together:(

Playing in Kylie's barbie tent... having the time of his life!

just cause:)


Hanging at the beach before dinner!

my love;)

Gray absolutely loved Max and just kept grabbing on him, ha! Won't have a problem with him getting along with other kids!

My 2 favorite people sitting in my most favorite spot in the world. God is good!

Miami: Part 2 to come next week! I'm a little busy... we have a first birthday party in 6 weeks! Ahhh, I've been emotional all week... how is it already here!?!