Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mother's Day!

Making some crafts for Nonna & Bic Bic at my work!

We watched Frozen while we painted and I think this was a little break out of "Let it goooo!!" haha!

Let's brag on Daddy for a bit;) He surprised me with a "love orchid" for Mother's Day! Hehe!

And here he is getting ready for church and doing the dishes;) love it!

And another very special gift this year...;) I'm a Mommy of 2!!! Love you already Beck-a-roo!!

We headed over to Chris's parents with the whole fam! I'm so thankful we all get to celebrate together!

Ice cream sandwiches, nom nom!

Giving Nonna her gift!

But stole all the cards;)

One for you too Bic Bic!! He loves giving gifts always so proud!

We are so thankful for our Bic Bic! I'm so glad God put her in my life. She is always there for us and loves my baby so much (well, both). So thankful for our bond and we are forever grateful for all you do!

And taking them too! Ha, this is Dave's bday gift... he thought he could have some fun with a new hose:)

Ready... set...


Whether it's a donut or cupcake, icing is coming off first!

As Grayson would say... "Delicious!!"

Thank you angel baby for making me a Mommy! You've made me love like I never knew was possible! Not a moment goes by that my heart is not beating out of my chest for you. You've changed my life forever and I am so humbled to call you my baby boy! I love you soooooo much!

And can't end this without talking about this lady. Wow! What an amazing woman! I knew she always thought of others first, but I've realized it more and more the older I get. Whether Gray is napping and I need something at the store or I'm having a pregnancy craving or even just decides to surprise me she is always so selfless and giving. I'm so proud I have her as a Mom... I don't think I've ever met one person that hasn't loved her. She is so fun and my best friend. I love you Nonna, Momma, Butterscotch, Sunshine... don't know what I would do without you... literally. Happy Mother's Day!!

Last Day of School 2014!

My big boy finished his last day of T2 class! I can't believe it! It feels like just yesterday I was praying for a better report that he didn't cry for Momma when I dropped him off... ha! Now he runs in and doesn't look back! I am so thankful for his school... it is small and we just love the teachers! We sure are going to miss Ms. Amanda and Ms. Debbie next year! They were the sweetest!

A few snap shots before his last day...

I think Scuba Steve was attacking T-Rex here, haha!

We had to get our favorite teachers a little summer surprise!

I'm really in denial of this picture! How in the world did he grow that much in 9 months?! Ah, my baby! I love him so! So proud of you and how much you've grown to love school!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

April Phone Pics!

"Coloring" his toes like Mommy! Haha, what can I say!? Don't tell Daddy:)

We take him to get ice cream everyday after school. This day we hit up Baskin Robbins for some Cotton Candy flavor.

Pregnancy confession... this was when I was going through my sick period so I ate whatever sounded good, ha!

Sno cones! We are Jerry addicts!!

A little Baby Beckham sneak peek!!!

And in more news our house is on the market! Can't believe we finally have a sign in front of the house!

Sweet moments... such a good Daddy!

His first trip through the car wash... he was a little freaked out! Haha, this picture makes me laugh so hard!!

Playing with his new clubs from Bobby... the real deal!

A little stroll up to 3 Little Pigs for an ice cream cone!

Where is Grayson?!

There's my cutie!!

My boys feeding the ducks... my world.

Pit stop at Cone Park after our haircut!

My handsome lil' fella!!

Stop!! Too early for pictures Mom, haha!

Zoo Day! This dude was ready to rock!

A Zoo must... icees!!

Oh yess, there's a first time for everything... we rode a camel!

I must love this kid! hehe:)

Usually the end result of any Zoo Day!

 A fun Saturday with Daddy at Wing Fest downtown!

He passed out at the festival so Mommy & Daddy strolled to Local and had a little lunch date while this booger snoozed!

I was exhausted so Daddy took him for a walk when we got home... he came back with flowers (& sticks of course) for Mommy...

Playing keep away the ball from Grayson... Daddy is such a trickster and Grayson gets so mad!!

I know I sound like "that Mom", but I am really impressed with his baseball skills. He hits it so hard and far every time! 

I mean look at Chris, he's even sceeerd! Haha!

Rainy pizza making day @ Nonna & Pop's!

My little chef... so proud!

Milk and cookies to take to his class on "Cow" snack day.

While showing the house can be tough on this kid, it also has its perks! We have to find ways to pass time and entertain him... this day he lucked out with a big treat from Mellow Mushroom! Yummo:)~