Wednesday, April 15, 2015

*5 Months*

*5 Months*
Weight: 18 lbs
Height: 27 inches
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 6-9 months

-I respond to my name... but more often to Beck-a-Roo :)
-I rolled back to front on January 20th and haven't stopped since!
-I love attention... usually the only time I'm fussy is when these folks leave me alone or I'm hungry.
-I've started to become a little cautious of people. I don't go for everyone and I will let you know by screaming bloody murder if you try to hold me, Ha!
-I've started getting sad when Mommy & Daddy leave to go somewhere. I sure know when they are about to leave! I don't miss a beat!
- I found my toes on January 24th and I love laying down so I can play with them!
-I reached for Mommy on my birthday 2/5... it kinda melted her, just a little :)

-I love to eat and love my new oatmeal. 
-I make all kinds of ooooh noises when my brother plays with me... I get way excited!!
-I don't like when kids get really loud around me... it kinda scares me.
-When I get sad or not sure I stick out my bottom lip.
-I love peek-a-boo and just giggle and giggle.

-I still love sucking on my fingers.
-I'm very ticklish and love to giggle!!
-I'm a sweet, sweet boy and have the sweetest smirk many people comment on.


January Phone pics!

New Year Day! The kid just couldn't hang anymore...

One night I was so wore out from all of the festivities, he requested cinnamon rolls for dinner and he got cinnamon rolls for dinner :)

This little guy was pooped too!

We took a little family trip to Walnut to visit the Gunn family!

Good morning angel! One of my favorite parts of the day! He's always so happy when he wakes up!

One of our first baths together! It was fun!!

Beck's first day at my work! He loved it just like his brother does! So thankful for this place!

Our nightly routine... snuggles before we all conk out!

Hi there, squishy!!

His 4 month check up, he rocked it!!

Mommy forgot the paci, I felt so bad! But he barely even cried over his shots! Whew!

Wrestling with Daddy! His most favorite thing in the world!

Cheese monkey :)

Rice cereal, nom nom! He'll eat anything!

My little Picasso!

One of his favorite toys from Aunt Chell!

Ready for the Children's Museum!!

Finally tall enough to do the big boy stuff! Daddy was so proud and coached him almost to the top!!

While we snuggled :)

His favorite part! My little rockstar <3

I love this little smirk! Gets me every time!!

Beck admiring every move his brother makes!

Thank God for MDO! Can you find Beckham!? ;)

He loooves to cut! Here we are practicing!

Taaa daa!

Every time I paint with him he colors a big blob over what I paint... guess he doesn't think it's pretty! haha!

His happy place :)

One night Gray spent the night with Nonna & Pop and it was just me and Beck! I tried to rent a movie but he wasn't letting that fly...

I rented Gone Girl, definitely not age appropriate Beckers!

What he thinks of the bumbo! lol

Snoozin' at Nonna & Pops!

My sweet pea!

His favoritest shirt ever!

He loveeess his Dada!

This dude loves him some breakfast! He doesn't stop all day so I try to pack in as much as I can to fuel him up!!

My running buddies! Don't know what I'd do without this stroller!

Leaf angel on our walk!

Learning how to ride his bike...

Well hello there Leonardo!

It's football time!

Grayson put this together and came up to me and said "Look Mom! It's a reindeer!" Clever little kid!!

He is so sweet when I run! He will turn around and give me thumps up and say 'Youre doing great Mom!' Love his little heart of gold!

We love running to the park and playing!


What some fresh air will do to ya!

This was after a long day at school when a little girl bit him!! He hit her back... woops! ;)

I felt bad bc I lectured him ab hitting her when she bit him! So the next morning he got cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Haha! The mixed emotions as a Mommy!

Fun @ my work!

I'll cherish these moments forever and ever and ever... there is simply nothing better.

Our first trip to Ben & Jerry's... he enjoyed it to say the least!!

So Dad, ya wanna play some checkers?!

Why you lookin' at my face?! haha!

How we do bath time... I run from bathroom to bedroom trying to keep everyone happy at once, ha!

Making clay sculptures he got for Christmas!

His monteroctopaus! ;)

Making fossils, he was so proud of this! A cute little science lesson!

Trying on our summer gear! This dude is ready!

It's almost jon jon season! I can't wait :)

Saturday morning cake pop run!

Sweet Ley feeding Beck his bottle!

I love these sweet kids! They are just bestest buddies!

They love on Beck-a-roo too!!


Cold weather fun!

Heee heee! Sorry I had to :)

So we kinda do a lot of this while Gray's at Mother's Day out! 

Precious little booty!

Hahaha! I still laugh at this one! He did this all on his own...

Hot chocolate and marshmallows... separate. Don't dare mix his food! ha!

Ready for a  Costco run!

I love Chik-fil-a dates with this guy!

El Mezcal!

This stinker spread shaving cream all over the bathroom when I walked out. This is the look I got when I walked back in!! Uhh huh!

Yes, I still have my baby blanket and both my boys love to snuggle with it!!

Look out! Here comes my little wild cowboy!

Amazed he's on the big screen!

He loved grocery shopping and got lots of ice cream and cake haha!

He picked out all the things he liked... lots of fruit!

A fun night out with some friends for Mike's birthday!

Grayson had his own New Year's resolutions too! Hehe! Get it, Gray!!