Friday, March 30, 2012

Top Baby Things

So I follow a blog,, and read her post about the top things she did not need with her babies. I recently put up all of Grayson's "baby" things in the attic (tear!) and it got me thinking of all the things we did and did not use very much. I thought it would be neat to remember the top 5 things I didn't need and the top 5 things I couldn't have lived without! I know all babies are so different so I thought it would be cool to look back and see how things might be different with the next one!
*Top 5 things we didn't need...
1. Bumbo seat: This kid was not a fan of the bumbo seat! He would last maybe 5 minutes in it and then would throw a fit.
2.Play gym: We did use this a little, but not as much as I thought we would. By the time he got to the stage where he could grab at the toys he was rolling all over the place and did not like being in restricted space. I got it out one last time the other day and he sat up in the middle hitting all the toys like crazy and they were hitting him all in the face... I said ok, we're done:)
3. Lamb vibrating seat: We just did not use this much. I used it a handful of times on the go when we would go to a friends house so I could have a place to sit him down, but like the bumbo seat I just do not think he liked sitting still in one place for long. I am glad we have it though b/c I feel we could potentially use it alot the next go around with 2:)
4. Baby bjorn: Thank goodness we did not actually purchase the very pricey one, but I got one at TJ Maxx to get some things done around the house. Well he did not like facing me one bit because he couldn't see anything and when he was old enough to face out we used it one time for grocery shopping and then he was ready to sit in the cart! I am sure a lot of people have a differnet opinion about this, but it just wasn't for us!
5. Bibs: I might be quick to name this one, but so far we don't use bibs very much. I feel like I have a gazillion that have never been used. Grayson rarely spits up and he's not a big drooler... yet! I have the one plastic bib I use for baby food but all the other cute monogramed/outfit matching bibs are still hidden in his drawer. Maybe he will start drooling soon?! Ha! Or else we'll pass them on to the next one...
*Top 5 things I couldn't live without...
1. Bottle warmer: This was something I was iffy about getting. I thought it was a little high maintenance to purchase so I decided if someone got it for me I would keep it, but it wasn't something I would purchase on my own. Well fortunately we got it as a gift and I still use it to this day!! It has saved hours upon hours of my time. I love that thing to death!
2. Boppy lounger: I actually did not know about this until I received it as a gift. It is similar to just a regular boppy, but it has a middle and is a full circle. Grayson pretty much lived on this as a newborn and we still use it to feed him. He napped, ate and just hung out with us on the couch in this! It's perfect having them close to you, but not having to hold them all the time!
3. Lamb swing: As I type he is actually taking a nap in this! It is so easy to get him to sleep in this and he loves watching movies in it and just passing out. It was also a lifesaver on those restless nights when I needed to sleep next to him!
4. Changing table: I actually decided to not have a changing table in Gray's nursery, but lucked out at the end when I got a little nervous about not having one. There is a room connected behind his room and we have a ping pong table in there. I decided to make a corner of it his "changing table" and I am so glad I did. It was one of his favorite places to lay and looking back I cannot imagine not having a place to change him. Especially with a doggy, the floor is not an option!
5. Breast pump: We didn't purchase this until after Grayson was born incase my milk didn't come in, but we were at Toys r Us within weeks after I started breastfeeding. I guess this totally depends on your situation, but this pump was my best friend for a lot of months!! I could not have lived without this thing, but not gonna lie I was glad to put it away!! Till next time...
Sorry if this was boring, but my baby book is slowly but surely saying "See Blog..." haha! So anything I think of I don't want to forget, I am sure to post!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Mo wib!"

The other weekend we cooked out ribs on the grill. Grayson decided they smelled pretty darn good so we let him have a few... ha, not really! But I got this picture and knew there was a similar one floating around somewhere...
A porker in the making;)
I LOVED "wibs" when I was little... I used to sit in my highchair and demand "mo wib, mo wib!"This picture brings back so many memories. These were some of the best times... swimming all day at my Nene & Bobby's pool in Palm Beach and cooking "wibs" at night with the whole gang! I hope I'm making memories like this for Grayson:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

*7 Months*

This 7 month birthday sure did sneak up on me! I kept telling everyone you were 6 months up until a couple of days before because I thought we had weeks before you turned 7 months:( The older you get, the faster it flies and I don't like it one bit! This age is my favorite so far! You are becoming your own little person and have so much to say! Your constant smile and giggles light up my day and I think you're kinda perfect;) hehe!
*7 Months*
Weight: 18 lbs 9 oz.
Height: a/b 28 inches
Clothes: Mostly 9 months; some 6-9 months
Diaper Size: Size 3What Grayson Likes: He loves to touch your face when you hold him! He loves grabbing my "G" necklace and holding it the whole time he sleeps (if I cheat and he sleeps in my arms, hehe!) He LOVESSS to swim in his whale pool and splash, splash, splash... I think we are going to have a major water baby this summer, yay!, He loves getting his back scratched and by far his favorite thing is standing up... he can't quite pull up by himself yet, but he can hold on to something and stand all by himself! He just squeals like (as we say) he is "king of the world!"
What Grayson Dislikes: He does not like to lay back in anything... whether it's his bath, car seat or boppy he is constantly pulling up to sit up and he doesn't have a problem getting up all by himself!
Best Moment this Month: Gray has started talking nonstop! Of course it's nothing I can understand, but it's more words than just coos and squeals. He's about 2 seconds away from saying Da da and I guess I say "heeyy" to him so much just when I glance at him he has started saying it back! Haha! I love it:) Looks like Da da might beat momma as a first word, we shall see!
This Month I: Moved from the sink bath tub to the big boy bath tub (our bath w/ a little seat), I can put my paci in my mouth all by myself, I can get things in my mouth quicker than Mom can see I've even reached for them :), I am starting to reach out when Momma comes to pick me up and I think it melts her heart just a little:), I eat 3 baby food meals a day, but still take a lot of bottle... {even w/the food, the kid still sucks down 7 ounces every 3 hours!}, I sleep from a/b 8:30-7:30 and take 3 naps a day. For some reason I only like to nap 30 minutes?? But Mommy is working on that & I am starting to take longer afternoon naps!

Sweet lil' angel;)
Cheese:)What a face!I wish it was as cool for me to have chunky legs:)Of course I had some dates with Ley Ley this month!
Little lovebirds;)
We broke out the pool early this year! I mean it does feel like summer in March so why not?!
He loved splish splashing! I cannot wait to see what he does in the big pool!Fish booty:)~
My boys;) Oh just reading a good book...Hahaha! So we tried avocoda and this was the result...I mixed it with some nanners and he couldn't get enough! This is the first thing I have found he just does not like.I also made him some strawberry popsicle for the hot days. Only to find out he can't have strawberrys till he's a year old. Looks like I'll have to indulge in these!The menu for this week was peas, green beans, butternut squash & pears! He's already finished it all off:)Don't worry these were Mom & Dad's St. Patty Day drinks! We didn't do much... just hung out on our new patio!Could I love these two any more?!?
His new little friend for the pool!My water baby:)If I had only known how much I could love this munchkin...Ever since the weather has been nice and we have been doing A LOT more, this is how he ends up a/b 8:00 at night. Sweet baby boy is out.Put me to bed Ma!He looks like such a big boy in this picture:(Always on the move!Somebody is in love with their big sis! We are working on Copper...Slowly, but surely;)
We love you so much Graybear, G-baby, cheese monkey, toot tooty, monkey man, etc:) You give your Daddy and I the biggest laughs every day! Your little squeals, jabber jaw and even sad lip make us smile! We are so proud of you big boy! We never knew we could love something so much! Here's to the best 7 months we could have ever imagined!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break!

Well it's not really our Spring Break, but Nonna is on her Spring Break so we figured it was a good excuse to get out of our routine and have some fun! We have been swimming and patio'n it up with this amazzzzing weather! Here is our week in pictures...
Eating some carrots at Swanky's!
Feed me grandma!!
Fun @ the park!
I even got to bathe with my girlfriend, Ley Ley!
AND I got to meet my new girl, Reese Collins Harrison!
She is so perfect... this picture makes my heart happy:) Welcome to the world Reese!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

*6 Months*

Ohh little man, how are you already 6 months old?! It seems like your Daddy and I were just bringing you home from the hospital fighting over whether or not you were going to wear a bonnet (you did, I won haha!). These past 6 months have been so amazing and it just keeps getting better by the day!

*6 Months*

Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz - 75th percentile
Height: 27 inches - 75th percentile
Head: 45 inches - 75th percentile
We have a long, chunky little boy! We are not sure where you get your height or blue eyes from? We are definitely not tall and both have brown eyes! Hmm wonder if they will stay?
Diaper Size: Size 3

What Grayson Dislikes: I think we have a sensitive little boy on our hands! You get so upset when your Daddy messes with me (if we are playing around and he tries to get me or something) or when Daddy gets Copper all riled up and she starts growling... You cry and look like you are scared to death! I think you have a little of Momma in ya and I ain't complainin;) You also are going through the stage where strangers or even familiar people make you flat out cry... You want Momma and Daddy lots:)

What Grayson Likes: You love being outside! We have become walkoholics lately and you just cruise around in so much peace!, You love peek a boo or anything sudden... you giggle your little heart out. Especially when Daddy says meeshka mooshka mickey mouse really loud, it's quite funny!..speaking of Mickey you absolutely love him!!, You want to try anything I'm eating or drinking... although I don't go along with all of it you love nawing on my frozen bananas and want my water bottle from a mile away!, You love to walk... with help of course:) you look up and carry on like you are so proud!

Best Moment this Month: I can't pick just one, but I would have to say the sound of his little belly laugh is absolutely the best sound ever! I seriously start acting like a fool and doing the craziest things to get him to laugh!
This Month I: Roll over (well roll EVERYWHERE!), sit up, giggle all the time, eat lots of baby food and still suck down your bottle...big boy!, you love to sleep on your tummy and you officially move ALL over your bed which has given momy a heartattack and a lot less sleep:) we removed the bumper pads this week and so far, so good!, you get your little legs under your tummy and scoot, scoot, scoot... Every time I see this I remind myself it won't be long and to enjoy while you are "confined" haha!

My little ham at 6 months old...

Gotta love some leg rolls:)

Copper is a little jealous, so I figured she could be part of the shoot too!

Here is the last month in pictures... growing by the day.
One of his first times sitting up all by himself!

Please notice Lindsey & Josh in the background on the computer! Here is our Friday night skype session:)

He looooves Mickey! Can you find him?!

Oh you know just chillaxin watching the tube!

We also upgraded to the big boy part of the stroller... so much more fun since you can see everything!

Just watching the Grammys!

Daddy getting my "gray meat" haha! He just cracks up!!

Pop teaching me all about the the Super Bowl!Aunt Meg & Me on Super Bowl Sunday!"Oh momma, I just love mangos!"Can't tell who's happier... Nonna or Graybear?:)This is my friend, McKenna, from the nursery...she calls my baba and gives me 9,000 hugs a day:)Nothing like some daddio love!Told ya, he loves Mickey!!Please notice this little booger has a little cowlick, hehe! I love it:)Rubber ducky, you're the one!Out smarting me and getting it back with his feet!We also have started eating some mum mums & let me tell you they are num num!!Bic Bic & Papa loving on me!

Passed out after a full day at the park!
My Love!
Celebrating your 6 month birthday at Patrick's! First time in a highchair & you loved it!Ready for some food!!
Headed to church... The day you sneezed & snored like a man and had the whole congregation laughing!!
Oh my little buddy, I cannot believe you are half a year old! Time sure has flown, but every moment has been a blessing! I can't wait to watch you continue to grow as you make us laugh and smile more and more everyday! I never knew I could love something so much! Your little personality brings such joy to your daddy and I. We hope we can be the best parents that you deserve! I thank God everyday for you my little angel. I hope you always know how loved you are!