Thursday, May 31, 2012

*9 Months!*

Lordy, lordy look who's 9 MONTHS OLD! I will try not to sound like a broken record and say I cannot believe he is this old again, but I really can't! Chris jinxed us this month and at the begining of May made a comment that Gray hadn't really been doing many new things... well we know who proved Daddy wrong! This kid has.not.stopped!!!  I am laughing looking at the list I keep so I will remember all the new things he did... at the begining of my list it says "went from the crawl to sit position"... um he is now crawling & pulling up! And then another, "has a tooth coming in"... he now has two & working on more! This month has brought us a whole new adventure, but we are loving every minute! He keeps us laughing and on our toes:) Take a look into the life of this little rascal...
*9 Months*
Weight: 20 lbs
Height: 28 1/2 inches
(both 50th percentile)
Clothes: 9 or 12 months, just depends!
Diaper: Size 3

Showing off his new teefies! He should be proud, these suckers were painful!!

Mr. innocence, ha!
My sweet boy:)
Picture overload, but I can't get enough!
He had sat still long enough and this is how the rest of our photo shoot went...
We are in a rocking chair... he has no fear!
Let's dance!!
Woops, head dive!! I think I lost a few minutes off my life here:)
The floor is always a safer place... playing with his horsey he loooves!
That was fun while it lasted... anddd we're off!!
This is what I chase most of the day!
Who me?!? :)
Playing so sweet...
This is more like it, mid fall... this happens every other minute!
As you can see my baby has turned into a crazy man!! Haha just kidding! He is still a sweet little thing, but he has got some enerrrgy (cough, cough thanks Daddy!:) It's so fun though and he has quite the personality. As Dr. Bubba explained it... "He is cute, cute, cute... with an attitude" :) Little man knows what he wants & doesn't want what can I say!

What Grayson Likes: THE ELMO SONG! Holy moley, he will do anything to get to the computer and see it on youtube. Although, that is not always available so don't you worry Mommy pretty much sounds like Elmo now:) I can say "Snuffy, big bird, everyboddyy" from a mile away and the kid lights up! He will start singing the "lalala" part right when it starts! Crack me up!!, Gray just loves when Daddy wakes up or gets home and he hasn't seen him. He gets the biggest smile and just buries his head. He loves when he gets dressed for work and can touch his "hero badge!" Hehe! It's his uniform for work, but known as a hero badge around here!, He also still loves Copper and will crawl all over the house to get to her. However, when he gets close Copper moves so he just changes positions and heads the way she is going. I think Copper will warm up, she licks all over him just isn't too fond of him pulling her paws and tail:), You love to drink out of a straw and you love your straw sippy cup! It's definitely one of the cutest things you do! You learned at the zoo by drinking a coke icee (it was only a sip, I promise!) :), You also love goldfish & graham crackers, they are your new favorite snack!, You just love sitting in the grocery cart and people commenting on you... you cheese so big & flirt, flirt, flirt! You are so not afraid of strangers anymore!! You also went through this stage where you loved to scrunch your nose and make this sniffle noise! It was the funiest thing and you got everyone to do it back to you and you would just keep carrying on! Haha! Here is the face...
What Grayson Dislikes: The carseat is not always our best friend, but we are getting better! When he was teething for some reason he would just scream, but that has passed and now he finds ways to occupy himself, thank goodness! Momma had turned into disney on wheels trying to entertain him. My cheeks & head hurt by the time we got to our destination:), He also hates when people eat without him. He will give you the sad stare down until you give him some! Kid loves to eat!!

Best Moment This Month: Definitely when he crawled! Daddy & I have been wanting him to start so bad. He had it all down except the hands and kept doing a splat! We put him on the hardwood a few times and he started getting the hands down. Then one day Momma ran out to do some errands while Dad watched him. When I came back we both looked down and he was crawling! Chris says that's what happens when you leave him with him a few hours:) Haha! Hero I tell ya:) He has not stopped or slowed down since, but it's so fun and he sure amazes us with all the tricks you can learn in a day!
And one funny moment this month I cannot forget... when we got home from the zoo one day he had a dirty diaper. I went to change it and (I know this is gross, but I'm a mom:) I always just look at his poop to make sure all is normal. Well, I saw something in there and I kinda freaked out. Since we had sweet potatoes the night before nothing was very camoflauge, haha! So I went in with a wipe and guess what I found!! A LEAF!! haha! Grayson must have been taking after the panda bears:)

This Month I: Have started giving kisses (mouth wide open with lots of drool:), giving high five and saying bye bye!, I can crawl, pull up and love to stand up on my knees and play with my toys instead of sit, which usually equals a tumble:), I have gotten this crawl thing down and I am quite speedy... Mom & Dad can't quite catch me going from room to room., However they did take some precautions and already baby proofed the cabinets and outlets & lowered my bed... dang it:), I have 2 teeth and am working on one up top as we speak!, I have decided with all of this energy comes a lot more neccesary sleep... I am usually snoozin' by 8 and do not wake up until 8 or 8:30. Sometimes between 6am & 8am I need to snuggle, but it doesn't seem to bother the folks in the big bed:), I take about 2 naps a day... one is usually a 30 minuter, but the other one can last up to an hour and a half!, I am still drinking my bottle at every meal, but meals when I get the good grub I usually only take about half. I have gotten to try lots of new stuff this month including lasagna, bbq, grilled cheese, & sherbert ice cream (don't freak, only a little bite people!), I got my first pair of shoes, some sun san white sandles! I can't wait for my first beach trip, just one month away!!, I think it's kinda cool when people cheer for me and say "yaaay" so I've started repeating them! Hehe I'm kinda cute, huh?!?! :)

Over the past month we have had A LOT of pool time! Now that me and mr. whale are buds I got to try out his sprinkler!
Soo fun!
My little water baby:)
When he went on his tummy I wanted him to learn that you cannot treat the water like the floor... you will not come up the same:)
He showed me! You just blow bubbles, duh Mom!
Nothing like nakey naps (diapey of course) after a long day of swimmin!
I could eat him up when he first wakes up!
He got to this point when he couldn't quite crawl, but was ready to be on his own. He would get so bored and frusterated because he couldn't get to different toys! Well one day I said we will not have this problem and set him up a little play land! He was a little overwhelmed:)
Out of all the toys he played with the sock monkey!
Gray also got to see his first horse at a little horse show we ran into at the park! He looooved it!
Our first attempt at trying kiwi...
Are you kidding me with this?!
Me no likey the kiwi!
And it came out instead of going down, haha!
His new favorite thing is our tv center which scares me to death... corners+drawers+glass= an accident waiting to happen!
 He loves looking at his reflection and occasionally bonking his head:)
 "Ohh sweet, a drawer with all my favorite DVD's let me just pull on up here!"
Cheese monkey:)
 Play hard, sleep hard! Sweet angel...
 Yep, it happened. He discovered the dog food. Yep, he almost ate a piece too!
 Got it!!
"It wasn't me!"
I thought this was quite clever of him. We sometimes give him a snack in his exersaucer and of course some fall through his pudgy hands:) Well, guess who discovered where they fell! Yumm snack for later!
 Whale pool date with my buddies Cooper & Ben!
 Ben Barker & I fighting over the ducky!
 Sweet baby boys:)
 Grayson also went to his first BBQ Fest! Poor baby was super hot, we stayed covered most of the time!
 BBQ FEST 2012
 He kinda digged Memphis in May!
 <3 Love!
 Pop taking good care of me!
 Just a few pics to remember Gray's 1st BBQ Fest...
 His straw sippy cup... his fav!! Big boy:(
Me & my toy bin. I can like climb up and pick out whatever I want now!
So I guess the word is out, since he is growing so fast and we can hardly keep up we have decided to put him in a cage for a little while! Hehe:) Just kidding! This was him at school and as you can tell he was loving it!

Well, Grayson I don't even know where to start! I never knew you could grow so much in one month! You have developed into a mischevious, energetic, fun little man. Yet your sensitivity, sweet heart and being my little cuddle bug haven't faded a bit! You love people so much and melt your Daddy & my heart. We are so proud of you and excited for this fun time in your life! As your Daddy said tonight, "I remember when he was just 6 lbs..." wow, we never knew how much we could love you sweet boy!