Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zoo Day!

Last Thursday we went to the zoo with some of our buddies, Will & Ley Ley {and their mommies, of course:)} We had so much fun and I was shocked at how much Grayson enjoyed it. I thought it might be a lot of taking him out of the stroller and not being able to see much of anything but he was ooing and ahhing over so many animals! I think the petting zoo was his favorite though! He loves horses and was in awe over the lambs!
Here is Gray & Will ready to take the zoo!

He is growing so fast! This hat did not look so silly last time I put it on him:) He looked like a sailor instead of a beach baby, haha!

Where are we?!

Quit taking pictures and let's do this already!!

Our first stop, the petting zoo! Cock-a-doodle-dooooo! I think that's right?! Haha! We discovered this trip we might need to polish up on our animal facts before we start teaching our kids:)

He just stared & stared....

Haha! "Uhh Mom..."

Hehe! Their new buddies:)

Of course we had to get them all out to touch the horsies! I think we were more scared than the babies!

I think it scares me more that he's not scared at all!

Ley Ley went straight for Mr. Ed and I think Stephanie lost a few years off her life:)

All the little ones were passed out so Gray was the only one that got to experience the so called "dinosaur"... looked more like a stingray to me!! Grayson wasn't a fan and I'd have to agree!!


We had three snoozing babies about 5 minutes after this picture! Why mine likes to fight it before giving in, I'll never know {cough, cough... likehisdaddy:)}

We had the best time at the zoo and I can't wait to go back! Play dates are so fun and I'm so thankful for this weather and that we have such a pretty zoo to take advantage of!
*Sidenote: Gray learned how to sip out of a straw here... I promise the coke icee was no motive;)

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