Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Bday: Full of Surprises!

So I never thought 28 would be the best birthday yet.... but IT WAS!! It started off on Friday afternoon... I had planned to go to lunch and a movie with Chris & Grayson. I got out of the shower and was getting dressed and my Dad came by.. I had no clue what was going on and Chris told him I'd be out in a minute... After I got ready I walk out and my freakin' sister is there!!! Ahhhhh!! Of course I freaked out and freaked out a little more when I found out Chris and my Dad were all behind it and my Mom didn't even know yet! It was the best surprise ever! We started celebrating right away and headed over to my favorite restaurant, Houston's!
Gray was surprised too and so excited to see his Lin Lin!!
What more could I ask for?! :)
Happy Birthday to me:)
It's on the big balla;)
Apple of my eye.
Then we got to have surprise fun all over again!! We went to my mom's school and surprised her! It was amazing... it's all on video hehe!
We headed to my parents while Chris napped Grayson at home. A little later I heard a knock on the door... my 2 boys walked in with my favorite (lit candle and all) ice cream cake!!
My little helper helping me blow them out! Thanks Daddy:)
Super blessed!
No telling what that little monkey was saying!!
This is hilarious... Gray going in for a lick...
Who me?!?
Partners in crime!
Haha! I love it!!
Saturday we went to lunch at the Elegant Farmer! Cheers!
And wouldn't ya know!!... Another Surprise!!! I thought we were going out to eat as a family and as I walked up all of my favorite people were! It was just awesome!!
Grayson with some of his favorites!

Pretty girls!
The Clarks! So glad God gifted me with them as family!!
My Boo Boo's:)
The Crew @ Chiwawa!
Best birthday present ever right here!!
So glad my favorite buddy partied with me too! That made it just that much more special!
My best friend! I love you!
It was one amazing birthday! Thanks to my sis for surprising me, my Dad for getting her here & Chris for planning all the shenanigans! And Mom, it sure was fun surprising you too, hehe!:) As I said, I don't know what I did this year to deserve all this? But I am so thankful! It is a birthday I will never forget! Thanks to everybody for celebrating with me! I love you all :)

September Phone Dump!

So I guess it's a rule when they hit 2 years old you can't count by month anymore :( Haha! I guess I have to stop (maybe)! I've decided not do monthly updates anymore and just do a phone dump each month (I take way too many pictures!) Of course adding a few new funny/sweet things he has done...
We waited a while on this hair and it will not quit growing! He has had so many haircuts I can't keep up! He does so good!!
Singing "Shine On" in the car...
Teaching Daddy how to fix things, haha!
He hung out with some big girls one night and they were doing gymnastics... he practied all morning the next day! haha!
Ley Ley & Johnny playdates are the best!!!
He got Leighton addicted to blowing out candles too... uhoh!
Copper can be so protective over her little brother!
Pop acting crazy!!
Go Ravens!... all for you Meg Meg!
Fun Day @ the Park!

He is so not into the swings... he wants to be on foot at all times!!
Wrapped it up with a Jerry's Sno Cone... yummm!
Daddy liked it too;)
He loves some popcorn! This is one of Momma & Gray movie nights in the playroom!
Singing some tunes on the way to church!
This face is all Uncle Dave's fault! We saw him in the car on the way to school one morning and Grayson got so excited... not so much when he drove by and had to say byebye!
A kid and his cupcake!
More park fun! We looove park days!
Sweet pea!
We went to Cotton Tails birthday celebration! They had a petting zoo... Grayson was in heaven! He is not one bit scared of these animals... look how close they are!
Just hangin' out with Llama Llama!
He loves limes!!

Selfies;) I've found many of just him lately! hehe
Like I said I can't keep his hair under control... Daddy would not be proud! This was just a joke and stayed in 5 seconds DAD!:)
We had to send this picture to Daddy after school. He was out of town and Gray said Daddy "was gonna love it".
Ok, so Grayson has now taken after his Daddy in the OCD department. He lined them all up in a row (noone can be out of line) and said they stinky.. change diaper!
More playdates with the Baileys! So fun!
Soo BIG!!
We're in trouble! ;)
A walk around the block! Love these moments...
Prepared for a rainy day in Memphis!
Super Grraayy!!
And that's September in a nut shell! Gray's growing by the day and continuing to be quite the character! He goes into school now without telling my bye... I have to make sure I steal my hugs & kisses! And a little funny... He coughed the other day sitting in my bed and then spit... I said eww what was that? He said hairball! I died!! Never a dull moment! I love you buddy!:)