Thursday, September 22, 2011

THE BIG DAY! {in pictures...}

When they said a baby changes everything they didn't mention your plants die, it takes 7 hours to clean your house & you get numerous cricks in your neck from holding a bottle with your chin. Haha! But boy have I learned to multi-task. It's amazing how much time you think you will have and before you know it the day is over! My Mom thinks I should change my voicemail to 'Hey this is Kelley... I am pumping so leave a message...' Haha! I feel like my middle name is feed or pump... but hey whatever it takes to get this baby boy the good stuff. He sure keeps me busy, but I'm loving every minute! {FYI, I am doing a little nursing along with pumping... he was not getting enough the first few days and from then on it scared me not knowing how much he was getting... so we make sure he is full to the top before we complete the feeding... it has made him much happier and Mommy & Daddy as well:) } I cannot believe he is 4 weeks old today, that just doesn't seem right! I would be okay if he just stayed this little forever... I can't get enough of those sweet cheek kisses... or that feeling when we wake up in the morning, he is all swaddled and he just blinks and blinks like he's not quite ready for the day. Ugh, eat him up! They hit the nail on the head when they said it's a love like you've never felt before!! Okay, okay I'll quit:) But just know there is more to come;) I found some pictures I forgot to post from the big arrival day... I guess they should have gone under "The Big Day" post but this will have to do. Life's a little backwards these days anyways!
So here you go... the BIG DAY in pictures {please excuse the looks of Mommy, it was a looong night & day!}

One last picture as the only child!About to leave for the hospital! Looking at this makes me realize how he did fit in there, wow!!Arriving at the hospital, before it all began...
"Today's plan" was accomplished:)
This was 2 seconds after she unexpectedly said "You are about to have this baby!" I don't think Chris meant to take this picture, but I love the moment. He stayed like this the whole time... I loved knowing he was right there going through every minute with me.
HE'S HERE!! I'll spare you from all the bloody pics...
Sweet angel;)
Little bit!
He still makes this cute face, love it!
My doctor & our new little fam!
Nothing like that feeling right there...
One proud Daddy, that's for sure!
I love this picture... Chris looks like a little kid, so intrigued!
My Nonna!
Everybody's eyes on the little guy!
Meeting my Pop!
He has stole my heart:)
Aunt Stephanie came to see me! And Uncle John! 1st diaper change
The Harrison's came to visit too!
Going home day...
Ready to see the world!!HOME SWEET HOME:)
Copper meeting her new brother!
I will cherish these moments forever! I cannot believe on Sunday he will be a month old. Time is already flying!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My first 2 weeks!

Grayson has been such an angel these past 2 weeks! (Knock on wood) he rarely ever cries unless he's hungry or he's working out some gas, hehe! We've had our struggles with sleep here and there but overall I cannot complain! I will go ahead and give you a quick overview of his "firsts" and some stats and then let the pictures tell the rest. We love our baby boy so so much! It's amazing how a little 6 lb person can bring you so much joy:)

These past 2 weeks I: lost my umbilical cord, sucked my thumb, pooped & peed on Mom & Dad (& tooted on Dad's hand, hehe!), discovered the fan & am so fascinated with it, watched football with Daddy (it must be the colors, but when football is on he is glued to the TV), started smiling in my sleep and took my first nap in my crib.

*2 Week Stats*
Weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.

Height: 19 1/4 inches (either the hospital or doc had it wrong, I know he did not shrink, haha!)Diaper Size: Newborn

Clothes Size: Newborn & we still wear some 0 to 3 months even though they are big!

What Grayson Likes: Being held:) He gets plenty of it too!

What Grayson Dislikes: Getting his booty wiped with a cold wipe!

Best Moment of the Week: His increased sleep hours at night & losing his umbilical cord, we feel like it's our first milestone... our big boy is growing up!! :( ha!

One of the first few days home with my Nonna!One of my first bottles... I wasn't getting enough grub at first so we had to incorporate the pump. It's Mommy's new best friend & Daddy kinda likes it too because he gets to help:)My first bath, we opted for a sponge bath on the counter... Momma & Daddy were a little nervous to use the tub at first! I was so cold:( The paccy helped me stay calm. Nothing like a clean, warm, snuggled up baby:) My big sister, Copper, watching over me!Brent, Debra & baby Cameron came to visit me! We are going to be best buddies:) Tummy time! Daddy is a big fan of this... he's already trying to make me super strong!My tummy time partner:)I was pouting in the corner during bathtime! My Aunt Meg comes & loves on me all the time! Me & my Diddy hangin' out! (Gosh he was so little!!)My 1st Doctor appt! We love Dr. Bubba :) Nakey time~ we don't want jaundice:)Daddy holding my tiny toes!Snuggled after Bath Time! Watching my first tiger football game... I think I'll stick with Tiger basketball :) Leighton May Bailey, my date for the Tiger game! I was trying to put on the moves, but her Daddy was watching! hehe My Aunt Lindsey came to see me! I love her soo much:) Getting loved on :) Like always! Hehe! I pee pee'd on my Daddy:) My Aunt Jules! I can't wait to meet Ben Barker! I stretch SO BIG!Can't get enough of Aunt uerster;)These two ladies sure do love me! Kisses!I have the bestest Aunts in the world:)I lost my umbilical cord!! Geez Mom, quit embarrassing me! It's just an umbilical cord! Our sweet angel! We love you so much Graybear;)And that is our Grayson Lee:) I promise to get better on my blogging... it's been hard just wanting to spend all my time with my baby! The computer has not been my priority, but I will update again soon! Now back to my boys & some football:) Happy Fall~ xoxo!