Monday, September 1, 2014

August Phone Pics

Wow, I cannot believe August has come & gone! It's September 1st & that means BABY MONTH! So excited! Here's life through the phone of August... we tried to do a lot of fun summer things before baby arrives. I loved having this one on one time with my buddy before he's sharing Momma time! That's ok though, he'll always be my baby... as he says "forever"!! ;)
We found a huge box on the neighbors curb and Nonna got it all set up for him!
Amazing how entertaining this can be to a little boy!
Ohh just a smoochy selfie!
Somebody needed a haircut, so we had some fun with it! Haha!
Haha, sorry Dad!
My little scuba diver with his fins & snorkel.

Getting him ready for swim team like his Momma!
Picking out gifts he wanted for his birthday!
Starbucks cake pops are quite convenient entertainment for a Target shopping trip!
Ramsey, Reese, Lucas & Gray snuggled up watching ET @ The Tansey's!
Fun @ Ley Ley & Johnny's house!
He loves his Johnny!
Happy 2nd Birthday Johnny!
Cake & ice cream!
Wooo! Rolla coastaaaa!
Practicing being a big brother with his baby doll... I turned around and the baby was in time out! Uhoh, haha!
His favorite new pillow :) love him.
Keeping this boy entertained during a Lowe's trip.

Had to put this one in the books! This was his first day of school & I had to wake him up! Still on summer schedule...
First Day of School
Holy Spirit Mother's Day Out
Class T3
Mrs. Lauren & Mrs. Laura
Sweet cheeks loves school!
Our week of hitting up all our favorite summer hot spots...
Jerry's Sno Cones!!
He always thoroughly enjoys it!! ;)
Next Day... a little Whimsy Cookie Company!

Then off to our buddy Cooper's Birthday Party at Kid's Play! (Of course sitting next to his buddy, Ben!)
Happy Birthday Coop!!
We had our first Build-a-Bear experience to make a bear for Baby Beckham from Grayson!
Warming up the heart!
Putting it on his to make it special;)
Fluffing his monkey!
Definitely made with love!
We hope Baby Beckham likes it! Grayson sure is proud;)

Since it has gotten hot we've been going on a lot of night walks!
Wrestling monkeys... because he's ALL BOY!
"Heyyy!" from the pool with my "crunchies"!
Finger lickin' good!
He loves when Daddy reads him books! This is his fav at the moment!
Just our typical after school ice cream treat ;)

Off to feed the ducks!

About 90 came straight for us and Grayson kinda freaked!
Haha, love his face!
He's gotten so big he can climb almost all of the ladders at the park now!
Russo's Pizza date!
Usually what happens after a fun day with Momma!
Soaking up some more pool days with Pop as our guest ;) He swam so good without his floaties that he got an ice cream treat!
Just a Saturday morning...
Haha! Love it! Him & his Ley Ley!
The next day at church... still in <3 ;)
Riding his bike around the house and this was his reaction when I told him it was too late to watch a movie! haha! I couldn't help but laugh and he said I was a "bad momma!"... BED TIME :)~