Thursday, June 28, 2012

*10 Months*

Happy 10 months my tiny dancer!! ;) For some unfortunate reason I was singing that not so lovely "Red Solo Cup" song and everytime he heard it he would grin from ear to ear. Well one night I was singing it and he started dancing and he hasn't stopped since! We think it is pretty hilarious and I think he knows that too :) Now when we say "no" if he is climbing on the TV center he will put his hands on the shelf, start dancing and turn around with a big smile... I mean how can you not laugh?! I think this little man has us figured out already;)

*10 Months*
Weight: 20 lbs 8 oz.
Height: Getting a 10 month old to sit still for a second = impossible. After many attempts I would say around 29 inches?
Clothes: 12 months and some 9
Diaper: Size 3

Soo excited to be 10 months old!!!

My little ham:)

There is probably a lot of noise coming out of this mouth at the moment, hehe!

He is full of action:)

I love my sweet boy & when he gives me those "eyes" ;)


Haha! Love this one! He's having wayy to much fun!

"Yeah, so what Mom & Dad I like to climb!"

and pull up on everrrything!

No worries, I'm good:)
{Let me add we had our first busted lip about 10 minutes after this little shoot! I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later! Poor buddy:( }

and he's off to find a cord or something besides a toy:)

What Grayson Likes: He loves to discover anything and everything... he finds outlets I didn't even know we had and things on the ground that I do not know how they got there (pennies, sticks, he even got the back paper stuff of an appliqued towel I have... really?), He has also found out he can stand up in the highchair, grocery cart and stroller... cannot let him out of my sight anymore!, He continues to love Mickey & Elmo like no other... he dances to all of their songs while singing "lalala" and then claps for himself after...what a hoot!, He loves "pat-a-cake" & "the itsy bitsy spider" and if he's upset they will usually calm him down, he loves when I start counting & the ABC song, a natural genius I tell ya, haha!, he has a love for puppy dogs whether it's a real dog, a stuffed animal or pictures at the pet store he gets so excited! But by far his favorite is still big sis, Copper, which I must say does not run away when he chases her anymore and let's him love on, well pull on her! Yay, improvement:), He laughs so hard when Momma says "soccerball, baseball, football" in a funny voice, it's the simple things:)! We are working with him on his sports and getting to know the different balls, although now he just thinks it's funny when we say the names of them. However, thanks to Pop & Dada he can now catch the ball AND throw it back to you AND clap and squeal for himself after!! haha!

What Grayson Dislikes: SUNDAY SCHOOL!! Haha, just kidding... but not really! We tried Sunday School out for the first time about 3 weeks ago... I know, so maybe I should have done it earlier but he was so good in big church and I was kind of hesitant. Well, when he got dedicated they gave us a little tour and it looked so great and I felt really good about taking him. They have this policy (or so they said:)) that if your kid cries inconsolable for more than 10 minutes they put your number on the screen for you to come see them and calm them down. That pretty much sold me knowing he wouldn't be screaming his head off for an hour and a half. Well, the big day came and I felt like I had no idea how it was going to turn out. He loves to play with all the toys at the nursery I work at and is so content there so I thought he might just have a hayday! Well, ha who was I kidding... we got there early to drop him off and make sure he was settled. We sat him down with the lady that was working for the first service and she played with him for a minute and he seemed fine... so I went over and wrote my novel about what to do if he fussed, etc... well then I realized the other ladies coming in were the ones going to keep him. So I talked with them explaining it was our first time, I didn't know how it was going to go and to pleasssee get me if he started crying inconsolably. Let's face it noone knows your kid like you do and one thing I do know is he doesn't do it often but if you can't calm him after 5 minutes he is officially in panic mode and noones going to do the trick except Momma or Dada. So we seemed pretty clear about her getting me if that happened... I looked over at my Graybear and he seemed content with a toy so Chris & I just kind of waved bye and left. So I sit through church (which lasted extremely long that day) thinking no number on the screen... golden! He is having a blast and this is perfect! So not a word the whole service and I got to the door to pick him up trying not to sprint the whole way there:) and I say we are here for Grayson and I can't even explain the looks on their faces! They were like "ohh Grayson was not a happy boy today, he cried the whole time blah blah blah" so my heart goes to my toes or actually think it was more in my stomach about to come out my mouth and I'm like ok where is my child! Well, he is in a swing with about 50 blankets wrapped around him. Now they were sweet and trying to do anything to soothe him, but he had a fitted crib sheet wrapped around his head. Leaving it at that. Anyways, it was a younger girl and I don't know if she thought it was funny but she proceeded to tell me he was shaking and she sat him down and he started chattering and it made her nervous. Ok, do not tell a Mom that!! I don't really know what we said after that I just wanted out of there with my baby! The lady I had asked to page me if he was inconsolable just casually said as I walked out, "well we expect that their first time". I took a breath and decided to not say what I wanted because I didn't want to be that Mom for me or for Grayson or for the sake we were at church, ha:) I was just frusterated I was blindsided and sat in church thinking everything was going great and then I walked in to that. Poor buddy is going through stranger anxiety, but we will be heading back to sunday school soon! I know he needs it and from talking to other Moms it is just going to take consistency so we are on sunday school mission when we return from vaca. Not gonna lie Gray or I ain't excited, but it will be good for him and I know it will get better with time. Sorry for the spiel, but this way most definitely needed in the baby book!
Oh, and a funny dislike to add is he does not like those huge bouncy balls at Target! I always take him in the toy section for a while for some fun and he like nestles in the opposite side of the cart when I bounce them! Haha! We won't tell, Gray;)

Best Moment this Month: Gray had his first encounter with ice cream!! He cut 4 teeth all in one week and it was a nightmare. Nothing and I mean nothing made him happy and tylenol/motrin only went so far. So Dada and I said what better than some cold ice cream!! He absolutely loved it and chocolate was his favorite! I love these little moments introducing him to some of the best, yet simple things in life:)

This Month I: Said my first word "dada" and on my 10 month birthday said "momma" 3 times!! Talk about melting our hearts :), You talk nonstop and if I only knew what you were saying because you can go on and on!, You have started helping me get you dressed and when I put a shirt over your head you put your arms out to put the sleeves on... too cute!, You play so good by yourself with your toys. Now when you get bored with them you are on a mission to touch everything in the house, but you love your toy time!, You can officially pull up on everything and you have started walking, well leaping, from furniture to furniture... lately I feel like you have forgotten you can't walk yet! You also can stand on your own for a few seconds when we let go of you... wow, walking won't be long!!, You know what it means when I ask if you are hungry and then say baba you usually respond with a huge smile!... You LOVE to eat and there is usually not a time of day you will not eat. Which means anytime Daddy or I are eating you always get a bite. You give us the food stare down and we always cave. Sometimes if I'm eating breakfast and you've already had your bottle I have to hide or else you will follow me around and climb up my leg, haha! Chunky monkey:) You are a major face grabber. When I feed you your bottle at night your grab every feature on my face as if you are going to rip it off. You love my hair too and love to pull it at 4 in the morning when I'm trying to get you back to sleep from your teefies, ahh glad I love ya!:) So here's a look into this little life of a 10 monther...

Pop bought him a mucho dinero gym mat so his knees wouldn't hurt when he crawls, hmm loves him much?!:)

Typical Copper & Gray moment...

Sometimes ya gotta add a whisk in the mix for some excitement!


He lovess to watch Daddy mow the yard! "I've been watchin' you..."


THE DAY of Sunday School... how could they let this sweet boy cry? hehe

I love Pop & Popsicles:)

We went to the Germantown Charity Horseshow... ya think he had fun?;)

First time eating ice cream!


Better when messy:)

He loveess playing in the sandbox!

I found this pretty funny... Nonna gave him a little lawnmower that came with a little tank. Well, for a week he was obsessed with it and carried it with him everywhere. He went to bed with it...

... and woke up with it:)

Passing out on walks is the best!

At his happy place... the highchair:)

At his buddy Cam's 1st birthday!

I loove my Diddy!

Micah & Hudson!

Daddy teaching me how to swim!


Cam loved his birthday cake!!

Having lots of fun by the pool with buddies, Kate & Hudson!

love you love monkey!

He also has a few girlfriends at school. Here is Lillian, they have their own little conversations:)

and his new discovery... why sit down when you can stand up?!?

Oh little man you have really developed your own little personality this month! You are a happy, funny, entertaining little fella! You have worked so hard for those 6 teeth and it was quite a ride, but I loved being your Mommy and comforter through it all. We can't leave Daddy out though, he gave up his bed many nights and loved on you just as much! We love you more than words could ever tell and thanks for bringing so much laughter to our days. I feel like you've become my buddy, but you'll always be my baby! ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day celebrating our daddy's and Chris's first Father's Day! We spent it at the Clark's pool with the whole fam! Enjoyed some good food, good weather and of course good men:)

I can't put into words how blessed I feel to have a fun-loving, supportive man like my dad! He has always been there for me and done everything in his power to give me the best. Watching him become a grandpa has been one of the best moments. He loves Grayson more than I think he or I ever imagined and Grayson loves him back just as much! We love our Pop and are so thankful for him & all the love he gives us!

And where do I start with this guy?! ;) I have always loved him as a hubby, but the way I love him as a daddy is unexplainable. We have had some wonderful moments with Gray these past 10 months, but I must say my favorite are seeing my boys together! Chris is such a fun daddy and has grown into an amazing father figure. Grayson sure is lucky to have him as a da-da (yes, officially his first word:). I know he will always put this little guy first for many years to come! Thanks for all you do for our family!!

And of course we are so thankful for our Papa, my father-in-law! I am so grateful for all he does for Chris & I. He is one guy that will drop what he is doing for you or give you the shirt of his back! He raised one amazing son too! I know Chris will be an amazing daddy because of him!

Lots of love to my boys! xo~

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

*Memorial Day*

Sorry, I'm a little behind! We had a fun Memorial Day weekend filled with lots of patio and pool time! :) Sunday we hung out at The Clark's pool with lots of good friends! The pictures tell how much fun we had:)
Jay & his babies...
 Nonna & Bic Bic!
 Getting ready to watch all the crazies jump of the diving board...
Here goes Dave...
and Meg...
 Copper decided it looked like so much fun she decided to jump in too :)
 Graybear & Pop... he was in his skivvies;)
 Sweet Reese! Can't get enough of her!
 Ramsey & Kate being little fish!
Grayson is ready for some water gun fun!
 Sweet Kate
 Cole & Gray playing...
 Chris & his canonball, haha!
Super Dad!
 These boys are still kids at heart:)
 Monday we went over to The Miskel's for some food & more fun! The kids splashed in some water of course!
 Grayson was just chillin'!

Such a fun weekend with family & good friends! Looking forward to many more this summer:)