Friday, February 13, 2015

Christmas Day!

Finishing up the presents from Mom and Dad before we head to Bic Bic & Papa's for more fun!

They had a new trampoline and Grayson loved getting some energy out on it!


Some fun for Beck-a-Roo too!

Hanging out with his new Spidey piggy bank!

So much fun!

Grayson made himself quite the set up in the front room. He took all of his toys and even got some grub!

He loves him some Spidey!

Once again Daddy enjoyed Gray's toys too! Hehe!

Chris, that's not yours! ;)

Teaching him the ropes on the nerf guns!

He cracks me up!

Such a fun and relaxing day! What a wonderful Christmas! So blessed this year... Thank you Jesus for all you've given our family. 

*Santa Came!!*

Soo Grayson decided the whole month of Christmas he only wanted candy canes from Santa. Mommy thought that was a great idea and figured Santa could do that with no problem! Up until the week before Christmas when Santa had already completed his list... Grayson decided he wanted a red Ninja Turtle. It just so happens so did a lot of other boys and Santa was out of red Ninja Turtles EVERYWHERE! :) Needless to say after a lot of searching Santa finally found a dadgum "red Ninja Turtle!!!!" :)

All the goods from Santa to Grayson!

Santa visited Copper too!

Beck was a good boy too!

We figured a candy cane trail to his presents would fulfill his candy cane request, ha!

He picked all of them up on his way out like he couldn't believe it and definitely didn't want to leave one behind! This face sure made Santa happy :)

Nothing like a kid on Christmas morning ;)

And he sure was happy about that RED NINJA TURTLE!!!

Overwhelmed, haha!

I think he had a good visit from Santa!

Checking out the cookies and finishing them off as he does every year!

Daddy is loving all the toys Grayson gets! He's still a big kid at heart, ha!

Someone finally woke up and couldn't believe Santa had come!!!

It's so fun to have new entertainment for this kiddo!

Lil' Ninja ;)

Haha! Fun Daddy :)

He was beside himself too!

Grayson liked Beck's toys too! I told him to show them to him and he said he didn't like them! Haha, clever way of getting them all.

He finally came around :)

 Had to test this one out too!

Beck loved it!!

Sweet boys:)

A new Christmas morning tradition... singing Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Mr. I love cinnamon rolls was in awe!

So special to hear him sing to Jesus.

Yum yum!!

Such an awesome Christmas morning!! All the shopping, planning, etc. is so worth it when you see smiles like this on your babies face!