Friday, February 13, 2015

Christmas Day!

Finishing up the presents from Mom and Dad before we head to Bic Bic & Papa's for more fun!

They had a new trampoline and Grayson loved getting some energy out on it!


Some fun for Beck-a-Roo too!

Hanging out with his new Spidey piggy bank!

So much fun!

Grayson made himself quite the set up in the front room. He took all of his toys and even got some grub!

He loves him some Spidey!

Once again Daddy enjoyed Gray's toys too! Hehe!

Chris, that's not yours! ;)

Teaching him the ropes on the nerf guns!

He cracks me up!

Such a fun and relaxing day! What a wonderful Christmas! So blessed this year... Thank you Jesus for all you've given our family. 

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