Friday, February 13, 2015

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve at Nonna & Pops!!!

Lovin' on his Uncle Jaaa!

We always have so many yummy apps! Even yummier when Lindz is in town :)

My Christmas babies...

Baby's First Christmas! 

He loves loves loves to ride the four wheeler with Pop! He thinks he's big stuff and gives mommy a heart attack :)

Somebody looks up to no good ;)

They look good with babies :)

A special Christmas indeed! So thankful for these boys in my life!!

Lindsey doing what she does best!

Got these little snapshots when they weren't looking...



Giving Nonna her picture calendar of the boys!

He was so proud!

Nice Chris! 

I promise Chris was happy. Haha! Not sure about the look, but Grayson showing Beckham his new toys!

Pop and his ice cream scoop, haha! You'd never think an ice cream scoop could make someone so happy!

My buddy helping me open my presents.

Ninja Turtles galore!

And I'm pretty sure this was the present of the night. Lindz and Josh got him this and he's still obsessed with it. Look at that face!! (Lindz's too, haha...who's more excited?!)

So much fun! Come back Aunt Lin Lin!!!!!

The children were nestled all snug in mommy's arms...

while Daddy (I mean Santa) put together presents trying not to lose his charm! ;)

This girl wasn't the only one who couldn't keep her eyes open.

To all and to all, a GOODNIGHT!

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