Friday, January 23, 2015

B: 3 Months

This little chunk of LoVe turned 3 months on December 5th! I do believe he gets cuter and sweeter by the day ;)

Weight: 16 lbs.
Height: 24 1/2 inches
Diaper: Size 2
Clothes: 6 months

I take 5-6 oz. every 3 hours.
I am sleeping from 11pm-5am or 7 am, depends on the night! Started sleeping until 7 at about 10 weeks.
I had my first really big giggle on November 20th.
My favorite thing is my left pointer and middle finger. I suck on them all the time!

I love when my Daddy "runs" with me and moves my legs real slow then real real fast. It makes me smile so big!
I love when Mommy puts me in the air and moves me back and forth saying "Super B!!!"

I love my big brother! I could stare at him all day and watch him play!
I smile at everyone who talks to me.
I love standing up and looking around! I shake my whole body like I'm big stuff!
I love "loveys" and having them in my hands!

I've got rolls everywhere and they are so scrumptious!

I'm such a happy, easy baby! I have made these 3 months pretty darn sweet for my rents! They love me so;)

*Christmas Card Fun!*

Well, I decided to take on the Christmas card pictures myself this year. It was slightly challenging, but with some bribery I got two (out of 100) that turned out pretty cute!

Here's a glimpse of the good, bad and the ugly of the Clark Christmas card, ha! :)

This one was a trooper and did so good!

The 2 keepers...

*Deck the Halls!*

Well this occurred way before December 1st, but if Grayson asked me one more time "When are we gonna do decorations?!" :) I wasn't complaining though... now I can just blame it on him for doing it so early, hehe!

Happy Boy :)

Trying to get in the attic, ha!

He played with this advent calendar 9,000 times over the holidays!

I would just find him sitting here. First time quiet was a good thing ;)

I got a little crafty this Christmas! Last year I was so over my decorations. It was so fun to do new things!

Of course Grayson loves the breakable decor the best ;) Angel might have lost her wings a few times this season!

Headed to pick out our tree!!

Just like one of the big boys!

Checking on baby bro!

Finally decorating!

Daddy showing him the perfect spot for each!

He just chilled through it all...

And the most exciting part of all "put the star on top!!!"


Santa & Frosty snuggles!

Christmas movies in the bed to top off the night!

Kickin' off Christmas!

Although it wasn't December 1st (as Chris kept reminding me!). I was very anxious to begin the Christmas festivites! A 3 year old that had been talking about Christmas since July and a baby's first Christmas was quite special!

At school they asked Grayson what he wanted for Christmas and he said "candy canes". That is what he kept telling us and even Santa. Mighty easy Christmas... so we thought ;)

There's Santa!!

First stop, Enchanted Forest with our buddies!

They all loved the choo choo! Always a favorite!

Saying, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Little Lovebirds!

This was so hilarious! Johnny went around the corner by himself and came back screaming! We all thought it was just someone trying to tell him Hi...

Big Sis went to check it out and they both came back screaming bloody murder! Next thing we know Santa was rounding the corner! haha! They were not digging him!

However, Gray is Santa obsessed and ran right up to him and gave him a big ole' fist bump!

Ley Ley loves her Beckham!

Successful Santa pic!

We decided to do a little Christmas tree craft for the grandparents!

We dipped marshmallows in paint to make ornaments! (Best idea ever & mess free!)

The finished product! That would be Beckham's little footprint in the corner as a mini tree! haha! He wasn't loving paint on his foot so we had some trouble making them look like trees!

Getting out Christmas toys from the attic! 

I wrapped early this year... I knew my hands would be full over the Christmas season. It was nice to have it done and enjoy.

Snoozing angel.

Gus came back too!!!

Of course the first night he brought a candy cane!! ;)

Can't wake up unhappy with a candy cane waiting on you!!
More to come on this little guy...