Monday, January 12, 2015

Gobble Gobble! Turkey Day!

Well, I must say I am VERY THANKFUL indeed!  Not a day goes by I don't thank God for these 3 fellas in my life...

Grayson is obsessed with black olives just like his Momma! ;)

Showing off his brother :)

Quite impossible to get a picture with him being still. He seriously cannot sit still.

The littlest turkey of the bunch!

Sweet boy watching some Tom & Jerry at BicBic & Papa's!

The celebrations continue to Nonna & Pop's!

My happy boy! Goodness I love you so!

And Nonna kinda loves you too!! ;)

Copper Top always a part of the family affairs!

Watching football with the big boys!

It wouldn't be complete without a sword fight!!

Hii ya!!

Grayson sure loves his Daddy and we sure love our Grayson!!

I captured these the day after Thanksgiving... I know two little boys who were exhausted after Thanksgiving break!

He was gone for 5 minutes and this is how I found him. Sweet angel had had enough!! <3

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