Friday, January 9, 2015

October Phone Pics!

My little sidekick in the kitchen!

Mommy & Gray selfie! Muah!

Trying on their matching toboggans! Thanks Maria Ines!!

This one!!

The sweet McBride's sent us a fun gift basket after Beckham was born! A little something for everybody! So sweet!

Figuring out how to wear my little peanut!

Love that he wants to hold him!

He loves to get in the crib and play with "brother".

and feed him too! Beckham is one lucky little boy!

My first trip to Target with two! Those paper towels never made it to the checkout line... hmmm?! I'm adjusting... yikes!

Nothing better than that little hand squeezing your finger!

No comment needed. haha!

Good morning sunshine!

A little bunt from the big boy!

Baby wagon ride!

Big brothers gotta multitask!

So sweet showing him his toys!


These 2 sure love their Nonna!

Love that he's still my snuggler! I hope it never changes!

Monday night football with Daddio!

Had to capture this moment... thank you Daddy for telling Grayson it's ok to pee outside. Unloading the groceries and this is what I find!

My little running buddies!

He doesn't mind especially when we run to the park!

Bath time memories are the best!!

Scrub a dub dub!! Beckham loved it, hehe!

Does it get any cuter?!

Tailgate party at Nonna & Pop's house!

Of course Nonna had a surprise for him when he got there!

Playing catch with Dad!


Love you babe!

Wonder who gave him this ice cream!? POP! :)

Poppin' bottles at the partay ;)

Hi there!!

Love this little face!

He's always wanting some selfies with Momma!! ha!

Beck selfie too!!

Making a scarecrow!

School pictures! So adorable! So proud of his big smile in all of them!

My little cheeser!


Kids loves to cook...

but hates to get messy! hahaha!

Zoo Day with Ley Ley & Johnny!

They would have probably been just as happy if we played with this Buddha the entire time!

They would not leave him!

Little lovebirds!

Such sweet friends!

Such joy! Love you so much buddy!

Little monkey was there too! Woke up for some milk in the food court! Probably smelt that pizza ;)

I think we drive him crazy sometimes! Haha!

Super Gray eating his oatmeal so he can be strong!!!! :)

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