Friday, January 23, 2015

B: 3 Months

This little chunk of LoVe turned 3 months on December 5th! I do believe he gets cuter and sweeter by the day ;)

Weight: 16 lbs.
Height: 24 1/2 inches
Diaper: Size 2
Clothes: 6 months

I take 5-6 oz. every 3 hours.
I am sleeping from 11pm-5am or 7 am, depends on the night! Started sleeping until 7 at about 10 weeks.
I had my first really big giggle on November 20th.
My favorite thing is my left pointer and middle finger. I suck on them all the time!

I love when my Daddy "runs" with me and moves my legs real slow then real real fast. It makes me smile so big!
I love when Mommy puts me in the air and moves me back and forth saying "Super B!!!"

I love my big brother! I could stare at him all day and watch him play!
I smile at everyone who talks to me.
I love standing up and looking around! I shake my whole body like I'm big stuff!
I love "loveys" and having them in my hands!

I've got rolls everywhere and they are so scrumptious!

I'm such a happy, easy baby! I have made these 3 months pretty darn sweet for my rents! They love me so;)

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