Friday, January 23, 2015

November Phone Pics!

Headed to the farm in some frigid temps!

Tired cowboy!

He loves riding horses!

The whole crew for Hiett's birthday! What a fun party!

Him and Jennings were attached. They are mighty cute ;)

His first trip to church. So sad this is the only picture I got... haha, reality!

This one sure loves his Daddy!

I had to run to the store and came back to this. Daddy is the best!

I could kiss those sweet lips all day long!

And this is what daylight savings time does to our family...

Poor babies! I despise daylight savings time since having kids!!

I laid Beckham down on this blanket and told Grayson to watch him and came back to this! Beckham lovesss his brother next to him... he just stares!

Grayson helps me exercise and we get to feed the ducks. Win/Win!!

"What you talkin' bout a belly?" ;)

Check up time at the dr! 

Thumbs up for movies & snacks!

Just a moment I had to capture. I take lots and lots of these pictures!

First date night w my hubby since B was born!

He loves Christmas too! This is gonna be awesome :) 

My lil' handsome hunk before school one day!

~Leaf Angel~

<3 Many answered prayers in one picture!

Copper is such a good dog! She loves protecting her boys and would sit in front of Beckham every second if she could!

Football Sundayzzz!

When he needs a haircut he loves to do this, haha!

Sweet Angel!

Being "teacher" to his friends ;) 

We <3 the Zoo!!

Fun Nights @ The Baileys! Going crazy to Wheels on the Bus!

Sweet boys! 

Happy Birthday Tanner! Ninja Turtle Birthday party! Right up his alley!

Karate too! He was in heaven!

Love these little turkeys!

Christmas PJ's make everyone happy!

And candy canes make this guy REALLY happy!! :)

One random day we went to Kid's Play! It ended up being their 2 year birthday so Grayson got quite the treat... birthday cake!

And met a friend.

Winter entertainment... Costco Fun!

Hot chocolate and marshmellows... separated of course! Food can't be touching and didn't dig the hot chocolate. He's just not a big chocolate fan like his Momma!

He has become quite the cook in the kitchen. He loves helping me cook dinner! This cold day called for some chili!!

and homemade chocolate chip cookies:)

Making a fort for his stuffed animals! Or so he said "so no one can touch them!" 

We love nights that Daddy is home! Grayson stays up late and this is usually what happens. ;) Can I just bottle these moments up?!

Tiger Time!

Chick-fil-a Dates!

Although this never really happens... this specific day, Beckham was up all night and decided to go to bed at 8 am... about the time Gray had slept like an angel all night and I had to go wake him up for school at 8 am. Glad this was a one time thing! I was pooped this day! But they do look pretty sweet ;)

Bright eyed and loving the big lights at Target!

Containment while I try to get something done. Haha too bad Grayson hopped right outta there!

Sweet Willow and Brax came over with their Momma for a visit! 

Beck & Willow sure hit it off ;) 

Sunday morning snuggles! The best!

Daddy Duty :)~

Helping Pop shred chicken! I hope he always loves to cook this much! It sure is fun having some help in the kitchen!

My little date one night when Dad & Gray headed to a Tigers game!

Go Tigers Go!

Cinnamon Roll obsessed! Not sure what else puts a bigger smile on this sweet boys face!

Testing out the Ergo... hmmm not a bad idea! Haha!

One baby in my arms and one baby holding my hand. My heart explodes!

Pretty much the best naps on the planet!!

Helping Daddy pick out some Christmas gifts at Banana Republic!

"Does he really think that looks good?!" Hahaha!! j/k Dad!

The best I could get! Headed into school right before Turkey Break!

Yeah, we kinda like to snuggle!!

Big stretches!!!

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