Friday, May 27, 2011


I came across this and I couldn't help but laugh! Poor Grayson can't even defend himself yet. Haha!

It's only because I am already so proud of my boy I have to brag. :) It's better than being facebooked, right?

Praise the Lord we made it through the storms Wednesday. I feel like God really spared us... we could have been any of those cities that were demolished. I am so thankful, but also feel so bad for the people that weren't so lucky! Please pray for them and help if you can!

And one prayer request... My sister-in-law's boyfriend, David's Dad is in the hospital with heart problems. He is having surgery on Tuesday and has had quiet a few heart conditions in the past. Please pray that God will comfort and take care of the Young family and cure his heart problem.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Our is looking like...cook out, pool, cook out, pool, woohoo!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Although I am not referring to actual rain showers, as I write this it is getting darker & darker outside. Usually storms do not bother me that bad, but due to what has happened to the surrounding states lately it puts a knot in my stomach. I cannot believe all the tornadoes that have come through our region lately... my heart and prayers go out to all that have lost their homes and especially loved ones! I cannot imagine! I pray the storm that is headed our way will quickly pass and not cause any damage! Chris will not get to stand outside as the storm rolls in this time, he has no fear and it scares the bejesus outta me!!

Anywho~ we had a wonderful weekend, but of course it went by too quick. I had 2 showers this weekend for friends and it seems like they just keep coming! I love getting to spend these exciting times with friends! Saturday was my good friend Stephanie's baby shower. She is expecting Leighton May in early July. Stephanie and I always said we wanted to get pregnant together mainly for the sake of our boys, haha. Well neither of us knew each other were trying and when she broke the unexpected news to us at 9 weeks, I was actually 2 weeks pregnant and had no idea! Haha! It's too funny because we definitely didn't plan it, but it has been so fun being pregnant at the same time!! I can't wait to see our 2 little ones together, it shall be fun!!

Sunday I went to my sweet friend Nicole's wedding shower. She is a good friend from high school/college and is getting married in July. She is going to be one beautiful bride! It was so good to see all my high school buddies I haven't seen in a while. If I could go back to a time in my life I think it would be high school. We had so much fun and not a care in the world! However, I'm loving life right now :)

All the prego's at Steph's shower!

Brittany (boy due in Sept), Stephanie (girl due in July) and Me (boy due in August)... babies, babies, babies!! Our baby bumps, 7 weeks apart. I see nothing but trouble inside those 2 bellies!! :) This is Will, Angela's little boy. He is so precious and so tiny!
*26 Weeks!*I'm 26 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of baby: The length of an English hothouse cucumber (a little over 14 inches long & almost 2 lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Can’t live without em’! I can still wear some regular things, but already discovering some maternity dresses I bought at the beginning of pregnancy are shrinking length wise as my belly grows! A dress I only wore once now looks a little too hootchie for this momma!
Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!
Movement: He’s moving around lots, especially at night right when I get in bed! I was thinking the other night how much I am going to miss feeling those kicks in my stomach. I really love being pregnant and that feeling when I feel him kick is like nothing I have ever experienced. It’s like my whole world is complete :)
Sleep: Still sleeping good, can’t complain!
What I miss: I really haven’t had time to miss anything. The summer things I would normally miss I haven’t had time to notice… just too many fun baby things going on!
Cravings: Sweeeets!! Will it ever end?! Ha!
Symptoms: Nothing new, just the usual. I have had some major pains in my butt bone. It’s really weird and only there some days, so I am thinking it must be the way he is positioned. I just hope it doesn’t get worse as time goes on… ha, yeah right!
Best Moment this week: Seeing the nursery coming together! It makes me so happy :) The crib was delivered yesterday & the bedding should be delivered Friday! I keep telling Chris when that crib is up, I think I might cry every time I walk by the room! Haha, let’s hope not!

And just 2 random thoughts I figured I would share...

I just realized that this might be the first May since elementary school that I haven’t layed out once all month. I discovered this when I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and thought – Wow, it’s May and I am this pale!! I am going to blame it on the weather and not the fact that my priorities are completely changed this year, ha! But I wouldn’t change it for the world ;)
Also, I parked in my first “Expectant Mother” parking space the other day!! Haha! I told myself I would never park in one because it’s not like I am handicapped, but it was about to pour down rain and I had to get in and out of the grocery fast, ha! It was kinda fun, not gonna lie!

I am so excited this weekend is Memorial Day! Usually I would have realized it was a 3 day weekend weeks before, but it didn't dawn on me until Sunday when Chris mentioned it. It was a nice surprise!! Hopefully I can break my pale streak and say I did lay out once in May! Ha! The pool is calling my name! It's really starting to feel like summer now that school is getting out (and to all you teachers I am so jealous!) and I get to touch the sand in a couple of weeks for one last time before baby Grayson comes!! Woo hoo:)

Cheers to a sunny Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time's a-flying!

I remember saying to Chris last month, "4 months still seems like a long time, but when we get to 3 months, I'm gonna be freaking out!" Welp, I'm freaking out ha! We only have about 3 months left and I feel like there is so much to do/buy/prepare for. Poor Chris has been getting honey-do lists and I think he is about sick of them, ha! I can't help it I feel like we need to get stuff done!! Thank goodness we are almost finished with the last details of the house renovations and then we can just focus on baby. I got a razor blade and started scraping of paint splatters in the bathroom last night and I think Chris realized I really am freaking out, ha. So to calm me down he let me go ahead and order the baby bed and bedding!!!!! I am sooo excited!! Baby bedding sure is expensive I tell ya, but I fell in love with this bedding before I even knew it was a boy. I never really found any girl bedding I loved so when we found out it was a boy one of my first reactions to my Mom was, 'I get to get my bedding!!!!' So needless to say I am super excited about this!! Since I have been a slacker on weekly belly pics I will share some pics of my baby bedding with you. I love it. Classy, yet rustic, yet baby. It's Serena & Lily - Dylan Collection ( you can click here for better pictures).

The Bumper

Crib Sheet

More nursesry surprises to come... ;)

*25 Weeks*

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of baby: The size of a rutabaga (approx. 13.7 inches long & a/b 1.5 lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Yes, don’t know what I would do without them! But can still wear some regular shirts & dresses.
Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!
Movement: All the time and I am loving it! He loved his trip downtown and some hot chocolate this week! He went crazy :)
Sleep: Sleep is good! Wish I could sleep in later on the weekends, but I guess I should kiss those days goodbye anyways!
What I miss: Not much, I really can’t complain…
Cravings: Sweeeets!! I have purchased yogurt instead of ice cream, so I feel a little better about it. Ha!
Symptoms: The. Brain. Is. Gone. I am usually the one to remember stuff, but not these days. My mind is so out there and I am very forgetful these days – I can’t stand it! Also, I am getting major anxiety about the baby preparations!! I feel like I need to do stuff and buy stuff all the time. 3. Months. Oh. My.
Best Moment this week: Saturday morning Grayson decided to show out a little bit. I felt him kicking a lot while we were lying in bed so I sat up and let Chris feel. He was going to town! Then Chris got real close to my stomach and started talking to him. Grayson kept kicking right where Chris’s face was and it hit him on the nose!! We were loving it! I can’t wait for all the Saturday mornings cuddled up in bed with my boys ;) {& girls, Copper you can snuggle too!}

Saturday I was itching to get out of the house! We didn't make it to BBQ Fest this year because Chris was working and then Sat. it was cold, ugh. But I just really wanted to get out of the house! I think everyone else having fun made me want to get out and have some fun too! Chris suggested us going to get him some golf attire for his golf trip coming up, haa not what I had in mind. Instead we decided to just head downtown with no plans. I wanted to see what the river looked like due to the flooding and there was a Red Birds game so we said why not! Well we headed down and walked around looking for a place to get some grub. Not wanting to spend an arm and a leg, we ended up at The Rendezvous. I have not eaten there in a while and unfortunately we were both very disappointed. Chris can definitely cook some better ribs! I think they have just become so commercialized they try to get you in and out and the quality has gone to poop. Oh well, it was fun to be downtown. After "linner" haha - {Chris & I call it that when we eat a late lunch/early dinner - haha, I know dorks :)} it was a little too chilly for a baseball game so we decided to take a rain check on the Red Birds! We'll be back though! I love random days like that with my hubby! It won't be long when we can't just hop in the car and go... there will be baby, stroller, and 9,000 other things involved! But I know we both wouldn't have it any other way:) I can't wait for my little family!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hello all! I hope everyone had a splendid weekend! Ours was filled with relaxing times with friends & family! Not so happy I didn't get one single picture... However, fun times were had! Saturday night we had some friends over to cook out! With friends comes babies these days and I just love it :) We had 3 little chitlins at our house! Just to think in a few short months one more will be added to the crew! yay;) Sunday it was off to church and then a full day of Mother's Day and sister-n-law birthday celebrations! It was a great day!! It's always a fun time hanging out with both sides of the fam and poolside made it even better! I don't know if it's the hormones or what, but this Mother's Day was very sentimental this year. I am so grateful for my wonderful Mother and everything she has ever been in my life. She has taught me many life lessons, but been my best friend through it all. It sounds so cliche to say, but I really do not know what I would do without her! She is a best friend that I love to have around, but also need to have around. She makes me a better person in many different ways! Also, I am so blessed for the amazing Mother-in-law God gifted me with! I feel so lucky to have someone that loves me so much and would do anything in the world for Chris & I. I love her so much and thank God for picking her out for me:)

My Mom & I went and visited my grandma (Bibbie's) grave on Sunday. It just hit so hard! She has been gone for 6 years now, but there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her. She had such a big impact on my life and always will. I always think about how bad I wish she could be here for special occasions or when something exciting happens. She was always so happy for me and would have done anything for me. When Chris & I got married it was so hard her not being there. But I know she was smiling down and I just know she loves Chris so much! She would call him "her boy" and give him the biggest Bibbie hug in the world if she could! And one day I know I will witness that right before my eyes :) It's tough yet again that she isn't here as I get ready to have a baby of my own. I want her here so bad it hurts. Although Grayson won't get to meet his great grandma here on earth, I know she is saving so many hugs and kisses for him up in Heaven. And don't you worry Grayson will know all about his Bibbie before he gets there! Even though Chris never met Bibbie he knows all her sayings and "what Bibbie would do or say" in situations! She will always live on in my life and therefore, she lives on in theirs! I was so blessed to have her in my life for as long as I did. No one can replace a Grandma's love and as Bibbie raised my Mom with a heart of gold like hers, I am so lucky to know that Grayson will get to experience the kind of grandma's love like I did! Bibbie's so proud of you Nonna! :)

Sorry, did I name the title of this blog short-n-sweet?! hehe, oops! I did not plan on talking this long, but it feels good to speak my heart sometimes! On to Baby Grayson updates...

*24 Weeks*

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: An ear of corn (12 inches long & a/b 1.3 lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Yes, all pants but can still wear some normal tops.
Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!
Movement: He’s moving all the time now! Chris has been able to feel him lots too! :) It’s now not little kicks, but big jolts that make my whole stomach move!
Sleep: Not too bad, I just wake up a lot because my hips start hurting. They say it’s due to sleeping on your side and all the extra pressure from the uterus, etc… hmm we will see if Mr. Boppy between the legs helps!
What I miss: Not much, I guess being able to throw something on and it fitting!
Cravings: The usual Coke Icees and Ice cream and a lot of fruit lately!
Symptoms: Weird, but I’ve had bloody noses which they say is normal during pregnancy. Nothing extreme, but not the norm. Then just the ever-growing belly, no more just looking like I got a beer belly, ha!
Best Moment this week: Realizing on Mother’s Day that this time next year I will be a Momma {to an 8 month old}! Oh goodness, I can’t wait :)

And guess what!! Baby Grayson got his first real package in the mail! Addressed to him and all! It came from my awesome cousin Chris who lives in New York/Miami (what a life, huh?). It was so fun seeing his name on the package...

and even more fun when I opened this up!!!How awesome is this?! Grayson's very own "racing" rocking horse! I wanted one for his nursery so bad and leave it up to my cousin Chris to get the perfect gift! He even makes racing noises! Thank you 2nd cousin Chris! You seem so cool already! I can't wait to meet you! Love, Grayson

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dog Park!

Saturday we had this great idea to make it a day at the park! We usually take Copper to Sea Isle Park since it's right across the street, but Chris wanted to go to Shelby Farms Dog Park which sounded like a lot more fun! I tried to squeeze a picnic in, but Chris is anti-picnics due to his "OCDness" so that was a no go! Kind of glad we didn't though because the dog park was probably not the best place for a picnic! We headed out to Shelby Farms with water, frisbees and balls in tow. It was so fun! When we got there Copper did not know what to think! She was so overwhelmed and started off down this big rocky slope. We followed and she just frolicked in this big field of flowers and pounced like she was in Heaven!! It made my heart melt, haha! She was so happy :)We headed over to the lake where all the dogs were swimming away! I figured it would be pretty funny to see how Copper would react since she is terrified of the water. {She fell in the pool last summer and did not think it was funny!}

"Hmm... I think I'll go meet some friends...."

"Must be fun to dive in for those big sticks!"

"Yeah, that dogs crazy! No way am I getting in there!" "I think I can, I think I can...""AHHHH!!!!"

It was hilarious to see her try to get out of the water! She hopped with both of her paws together while she was still deep instead of swimming... Chris & I were cracking up! One guy asked if she had just learned how to swim! LOL - can ya tell?!

"Look Mom & Dad, I so BIG!"

And she's under!! I cannot believe she did it. Let's hope she knows the difference between the lake and the pool this summer :)
This one cracks me up! She couldn't quite grasp how to get the ball once she got to it... she kept biting at it and it kept floating away. She said forget it! Get me outta here!

Wet puppy dawg ;)

She kept trying to roll in the flowers to dry off, ha....

Just me and my dad hangin' out...

Her & her new friend playing chase - well, actually Copper was just trying to steal her ball...

When she would get occupied and start playing we would hide and see if she could find her way back to us! She did :)
We had so much fun at the park!! We've decided we will probably be spending many summer Saturdays out there! So fun :)

Oh and I couldn't dare leave Grayson out of this post so I will leave you with a little funny that topped off the day!! Sooo I was trying to stay "hydrated" while we were there and drank a lot of water before we went. Well on the way to the park I kind of questioned Chris whether they would have a bathroom there or not. He knew about as much as I did, so we just forgot about it and figured we would deal when we got there. Well about half way through our little adventure I was like Chris I really have to go! Well there was no bathroom in sight. If you've ever been pregnant before you know that 'really have to go' does not mean I can hold it for a few more minutes and be fine... it means now as in n-o-w. Well I decided I was going to have to wait it out for a few minutes since we were all the way by the lake and had a bit of a hike to the car. Well wouldn't ya know these lovely random allergies I have developed this year decided to kick in anndddd "Aaachoo!!" I sneezed and there you have it - you can probably guess the rest. I looked at Chris with this complete look of shock on my face. He said, what? And I was like I think I just ____ __ ____!!!! I'll let you figure out that one!! Haha!! I'll be working on my kegal's before the next park trip!!

Hope I brought ya a hump day laugh! :)