Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dog Park!

Saturday we had this great idea to make it a day at the park! We usually take Copper to Sea Isle Park since it's right across the street, but Chris wanted to go to Shelby Farms Dog Park which sounded like a lot more fun! I tried to squeeze a picnic in, but Chris is anti-picnics due to his "OCDness" so that was a no go! Kind of glad we didn't though because the dog park was probably not the best place for a picnic! We headed out to Shelby Farms with water, frisbees and balls in tow. It was so fun! When we got there Copper did not know what to think! She was so overwhelmed and started off down this big rocky slope. We followed and she just frolicked in this big field of flowers and pounced like she was in Heaven!! It made my heart melt, haha! She was so happy :)We headed over to the lake where all the dogs were swimming away! I figured it would be pretty funny to see how Copper would react since she is terrified of the water. {She fell in the pool last summer and did not think it was funny!}

"Hmm... I think I'll go meet some friends...."

"Must be fun to dive in for those big sticks!"

"Yeah, that dogs crazy! No way am I getting in there!" "I think I can, I think I can...""AHHHH!!!!"

It was hilarious to see her try to get out of the water! She hopped with both of her paws together while she was still deep instead of swimming... Chris & I were cracking up! One guy asked if she had just learned how to swim! LOL - can ya tell?!

"Look Mom & Dad, I so BIG!"

And she's under!! I cannot believe she did it. Let's hope she knows the difference between the lake and the pool this summer :)
This one cracks me up! She couldn't quite grasp how to get the ball once she got to it... she kept biting at it and it kept floating away. She said forget it! Get me outta here!

Wet puppy dawg ;)

She kept trying to roll in the flowers to dry off, ha....

Just me and my dad hangin' out...

Her & her new friend playing chase - well, actually Copper was just trying to steal her ball...

When she would get occupied and start playing we would hide and see if she could find her way back to us! She did :)
We had so much fun at the park!! We've decided we will probably be spending many summer Saturdays out there! So fun :)

Oh and I couldn't dare leave Grayson out of this post so I will leave you with a little funny that topped off the day!! Sooo I was trying to stay "hydrated" while we were there and drank a lot of water before we went. Well on the way to the park I kind of questioned Chris whether they would have a bathroom there or not. He knew about as much as I did, so we just forgot about it and figured we would deal when we got there. Well about half way through our little adventure I was like Chris I really have to go! Well there was no bathroom in sight. If you've ever been pregnant before you know that 'really have to go' does not mean I can hold it for a few more minutes and be fine... it means now as in n-o-w. Well I decided I was going to have to wait it out for a few minutes since we were all the way by the lake and had a bit of a hike to the car. Well wouldn't ya know these lovely random allergies I have developed this year decided to kick in anndddd "Aaachoo!!" I sneezed and there you have it - you can probably guess the rest. I looked at Chris with this complete look of shock on my face. He said, what? And I was like I think I just ____ __ ____!!!! I'll let you figure out that one!! Haha!! I'll be working on my kegal's before the next park trip!!

Hope I brought ya a hump day laugh! :)


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