Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can we do it again?!

I wish I could go back to last Thursday and do this past weekend all over again! It was so awesome having my sister in town and getting to hang out with the family. She got to do a lot of rubbing on baby Grayson and he loved it! :) It was such a treat to have her here! I miss my seester so much!
Here is a little picture book version of our weekend... (a lot to catch up on!)
I didn't get a picture of this, but on Wednesday Chris the Easter bunny surprised me with my own Easter egg hunt! I guess he figured I needed one too! :) It was so funny, my cheeks were hurting! He came up with some pretty clever clues and in the end I had an awesome Easter basket waiting! Yogurt Mountain gift card & new Maui Jim sunglasses!! I was soo excited! I don't splurge on sunglasses for myself, so I will be taking extra special care of these... I mean they are especially from my hunky Easter bunny! Ha!
Thursday my sister got in town and we made it an El Porton night! I know I crave it sometimes, but when you live a thousand miles away I can only imagine! It was a lot of fun and I stayed up until after 1:00 a.m. talking with my sister & mom!! I. cannot. hang. anymore. Ha! I was hurting when the clock struck midnight, but I knew I didn't get these moments very often so I toughed it out. Let's just say I felt almost hung over on Sat. after my "late night". Haha! Hopefully it's just pregnancy and not that I'm getting old, ha.
Friday we had a lunch date at Thyme Bistro - I love this little place! It's right around the corner from my house and the patio is perfect for a nice quiet lunch or dinner.

My sister, Me & My Mom @ Thyme :)

Friday night was BBQ night at the Hemphill's. Patio time at the parentals never fails for a fun time! My mom and sis said they had a few things to give me and Chris for baby Grayson so to come over a little early. Well we arrived and there was no "few things" about it - they had me a dadgum mini shower! Ha! They way out did themselves!! Grayson got so much cute stuff!! :)

All the goodies ;)

Momma & Daddy!
My favorites:)
and my other favorite;)

Saturday we went to Mr. Hudson Miller's 1st birthday party! The weather was beautiful and it was great to see some good friends! And most of all mister Hudson looked as precious as ever:) Saturday night we had a relaxing night and watched the Grizzlies game at my parents. We made a pallet like old times and cuddled ourselves to sleep! It was great!

Sunday was of course Easter and Chris & I got to host our first Easter Sunday!! We went to church with my family and then headed to our house for some good grub & good company! Chris tried out a fried turkey in his oil less fryer I bought him for Christmas. It turned out yummy, but was so huge it took forever to cook... so we demeated (word?) him as much as we could and then stuck him back on to cook while we ate. Next time we will start that big bird a lot earlier. A little different than our little chicken we usually cook! All in all the meal was wonderful and I think I pulled it off with the help of my mom & mother-in-law!

Copper had no complaints ;)

Well we have decided that the Clark/Hemphill/Young Easter cannot occur without the annual egg toss. This year we stepped it up a notch and the boys were challenging each other to driveway to driveway tosses! I opted to not take place in those after egg yolk went sliding down my shirt! Yuck~ but it was so much fun! These pictures will have you cracking up!!! Nonna's o-u-t! lol
And yes, Meg & Dave are the reigning egg toss champs!!

This Easter was one of the best in a while! I will try not to get sentimental on you, but when we were standing up in church singing praises I glanced down and saw my whole family together right there in a row... I glanced down and saw my tummy and a feeling of so much peace and gratefulness came over me. What I had right there at that moment is the most important thing in life and I hope I can hang on to that feeling forever! It wasn't just about each one of my family members I am so thankful for, or my wonderful husband that I love more each day or the fact that I have been blessed with this little angel in my tummy, but the fact that Jesus died on the cross for me and rose from the dead so that I could live this amazing life. He sacrificed everything he had and because of that I am able to look down that row and feel so blessed. He did that for all of us, he did not just pick some he gave his life for US, all of us. I am not preaching, because I am by far at fault, but I hope that everyday when I feel blessed or am grateful for something in my life - I will not only simply thank Him, but truly grasp the reason why I am given these wonderful things in life. Also, the sense of peace we are able to have knowing that these miraculous things on earth are so petty compared to what he has prepared for us in Heaven- I hope I can do more each day to show him how grateful I am!

*22/23 Weeks*

(Sorry I have to do some combining this week - I got a little behind and I will already be 23 weeks in just a few short days!!)
I'm 23 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 22/23 weeks
Size of baby: The size of a spaghetti squash/ jicama …11 ½ inches long, about 1 lb.
Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants and some tops
Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!
Movement: He has been moving a lot more! I feel more continuous movement instead of just kicks here and there!
Sleep: Sleep is good, can’t complain. I miss being able to sleep in on the weekends. My body is waking me up earlier than I’d like- but I guess I should get used to that :)
What I miss: Nothing really
Cravings: Coke Icees and Ice Cream (Yes, the Easter bunny knew my guilty pleasure:) )Symptoms: Just feeling larger – I know, I know everyone says “just wait…” it’s just a major change in the abdominal region I’m adjusting too ha, but can’t complain!
Best Moment this week: Week 22- FINALLY having my sister here to rub on Grayson!! He loves Aunt Uerster already! Week 23- Of course seeing our little angel on the ultrasound! I just love him;)

*We had our 22 week doctor appt. yesterday! Everything went wonderful and we had another ultrasound!! That will probably be the last one for a little while, but I enjoyed getting spoiled while I could. Grayson looked "perfect" as she said and he was a "busy bee"! She actually said he was measuring a little ahead of time, about a week early so nothing big but good to know. It was our first ultrasound with my doctor since we found out he was a boy and she confirmed to us he is indeed a boy!! I had a dream the other night "he" came out and it was a girl! Shoot, we would be tying some pink bows around alot of blue stuff! Haha! I don't think we have anything to worry about though :)
As I enjoy this beautiful weather today, I can't help but think of all the people that lost so much and even loved ones in the horrible tornadoes this week! :( My prayers are with you all! TGI(almost)F!!! Hope the Grizzlies win tomorrow!! :) Love you all bunches!!

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  1. I love you and Chris, and I am so proud to have you as my daughter.