Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whooah, I'm half way there!

Whooah, livin'... j/k I won't sing you the whole song, but you get the gist... I'm half way there! :) Yay! Sunday marked 20 weeks. It gets me so excited knowing that in just 4 1/2 short months my baby will be here! I just had a friend that delivered 20 days early, so now I'm like woah it could be before. However, I won't complain either way as long as God is ready for him to come into this world and it's not the night my pregnant arse is in a wedding (yes, 2 weeks before my due date. I have lost it!)
We had a great weekend, nothing planned and just did things at the spur of the moment. I love weekends like that! Saturday I went to a sweet friend, Debra's, baby shower. She is having a boy in June, baby Cameron! She got so much cute stuff and it definitely has reeled me in to checking out the new store Itty Bitty Bella! My goodness they have some cute things! Here is her array of "stuff":

(I didn't take many pics so I had to steal these 2 -Thanks Alicia :) )

Debra looked beautiful. She is one glowing Momma!

Sweet friends!

So after this shower I got so excited about getting new things for Grayson that I took the cheap route and went registering instead of shopping! Haha! It kinda felt the same?! I got a lot done and it was so fun!!! We then headed to the new Ghengis Grill with my parents. It was SO yummy! Chris has decided he is going to eat there weekly :) fine by me! We then hit up a little Yogurt Mountain before heading home to lounge on the patio. (Which a guy at YM said I looked like a professional filling up my ice cream cup. Dang it! So what, I've been there a time or 2... or 9:) ) Then Sunday we headed over to our good friends, the Miskel's, and had a little cook out. I got my baby fix playing with sweet Kate on the swing set! (Who is turning 1 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Kate! We can't wait to celebrate Saturday!) and I got to watch Cole make his star of the week poster! They are 2 precious kids and I can't wait for all those fun times to come with little Grayson! It was a great weekend and we had some awesome weather! I am so ready for pool time so me and the belly can just float :)

Here are the weekly stats. Sorry no cantaloupe, when you have to tinkle down every aisle the less grocery trips the better. The bi-weekly trips are rough I tell ya!!

*20 Weeks!*

I'm 20 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 weeks

Size of baby: The size of a cantaloupe

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 7lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Bought some new pants that I will be sporting asap and some new tops for the summer. Right now it’s mainly the pants I must have in maternity!

Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!

Movement: I’ve been feeling him a lot more! Ready for him to kick real hard so Daddy can feel it!

Sleep: Good and I am in love with the boppy body pillow! (Chris is too… hehe!)

What I miss: Nothing really…

Cravings: Coke icees and Ice cream

Symptoms: Grayson moving a lot more, belly a-growin’ and of course potty breaks galore!

Best Moment this week: Feeling Grayson kick! There is nothing like it!

Finally the weather is back to being gorgeous today! It makes for a nice long walk for me & Copper! Then I'm going on a random baking kick. I cook, but don't bake often so we shall see! Simply Delicious Strawberry Cake by Paula Deen. (Strawberry cake is Chris' favorite!) I promise it's me just being a sweet wife and has nothing to do with my never ending craving for sweets!! hehehe:)

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