Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jam-packed Weekend!

We had a busy, busy weekend this past weekend filled with lots of fun things!! This time of year makes me wanna go nonstop b/c winter is right around the corner:( We started out Friday morning on a playdate with our good friends, Ashley & Kate Miskel. We went to the Bob Lanier Farm Park in Germantown for a kids activity day. This place is really neat and will be growing each year with animals and such! I can't wait to keep up with it! Grayson loves farm animals:)
Kate & Gray getting excited! He seems proud of his date:)

"Sooo ya wanna share your Capri Sun?! He tried to sneak it, she said no;)
Taking a peek at the roosters!

Cute little Memphis scarecrow. He didn't want to leave it!

Pumpkin! (Well as Grayson calls them, "batball" a.k.a. basketball:)
They had a scarecrow contest and of course we voted for him!

Just playin' in the hay!
Sweet Kate cheesin':)

Roosters, chickens & ducks!... Oh My!
Grayson was not scared one bit! He kept wanting to pet them like he does Copper, haha! Momma was the only one that got a little nervous:)
 He also went straight for the eggs the chicken had layed... yikes!

Love this picture! Taking care of his lady;)
After the Farm Park, we headed to our neighborhood park! It was such a gorgeous day! We went out in the dead center of the park with noone around us and stayed for over 2 hours! It was fabulous! We packed sandwiches and just played, played, played!

It was a little windy...he was trying to put on his hat!
I know a little excessive on the Copper/Gray photo shoot, but these are my babies & I couldn't choose just one:)

He adores Copper!

"I said go fetch, CaaCaa!!"
There weren't even leaves or acorns to worry about, I let him roam everywhere!

Agh, I love this little guy so much!

He also fed Copper animal crackers the whole time:) When he ran out, he crawled over to the diaper bag and handed them to me like, "I need more Mom!!"

My little bank robber:) hehe!
On Saturday morning we got up & headed to the Harvest Festival at the Agricenter! Well, we saw it from the car at least:) We got there about 10 minutes into his nap & 30 minutes later when he still wasn't awake we said forget it. Honestly, from the car it looked fun just not a lot for him to do so we resorted to lunch at good ole' Swanky's:) He has a love/hate relationship with limes! He continues to eat them, but it always results in this face... (seriously, it can't taste good!!)
Later, we came home and played outside for hours & Daddy grilled us chicken kabobs!

And he finally found what I have been waiting for:) BUSTED! Love his face, like "I don't know who did this, why are you staring at me?!"

After we all got a good laugh, he was pretty proud:) haha!

Sunday we went to church & then headed to the pumpkin patch at Emmanuel. We thought we were just picking pumpkins, but they had the coolest little "Picnic at the Patch" going on for their church. We actually got there before church let out or we probably would have never gotten out of the car thinking it was some church function, but I'm glad we did! It ended up being open to the public & we had a blast! As I said, Grayson LOVES animals:) and is so NOT scared :/

He had his first horsey ride! He was in awe as you can tell by his face:)

He was so proud:)
I had a horse when I was little and it was some of my best childhood memories! I know Grayson would love it one day... (hint hint, POP!:)
We even got Daddy to feed the goats! Haha! He was more timid than Gray I think;)
This donkey wanted some chunky thumb for lunch!!

Trying to take a picture, but Grayson could not get his mind off the horses! Pointing so he could go again:) and he did...
 He would have so gotten in there with them...

Gray & Momma rode the Thomas choo choo!

I don't think he realized what we were on, but everytime it turned and he saw the Thomas face he squeeled so loud! Made my day:)

{Ok, here we go again with excessive pictures}
He was so overwhelmed with all the pumpkins he just kept pointing and pointing!

He would hold on to a big one and just squeel!! I loved it:)

I think we will definitely be going back to this pumpkin patch... just for the squeels:)
I love my lil' punkin!!

The ladies in the back were trying to make him smile, this is what we got... haha!

Dusting his hands off from the dirt. Nonna taught him... imagine that?!:)

"I think this one's too small Dad!"
So thankful for my little fam and these sweet, simple memories!

Where is Grayson?!

I think he found "the one" (in his hand)!

Jackpot, here's the winner!!

All ready to go!... he was searching for his sippy cup, picking pumpkins is hard work:)

Yes, the lucky one did not leave his hands for hours and is still in the middle of our living room!

Just because:)
Later that night after Grayson went to bed, Chris & I carried on our tradition of carving pumpkins together! He picked a Memphis "M" and typical Mom over here picked Mickey Mouse:) 

No worries, we went back to the pumpkin patch today and grew Mickey some ears! Much better:)

And then we had a lazy Monday and a good healthy check up from Dr. Bubba! Grayson is the happiest little boy when he gets suckers there and holds them for hours (wrapped, of course). Daddy said it was his favorite flavor so he shared!:) 

This is his new look... he tries to hold back his smile and not laugh! It's hilarious:)
So thankful for one amazing weekend with my family! Can we please hit the pause button?!? :)