Tuesday, October 16, 2012

*Fall Fun!*

As you can tell, our favorite place to play is on the hay bales! The second we get outside he reaches for them. That's why I love fall... the simple stuff is just so fun!

Also a fun place to climb:)

Love these two pictures...
enough mom!!

This is what he does when we talk about Aunt Lindsey... he calls her! (tear) We are always talking to her on the phone so smart boy calls her too!;)

He loves to pick up (& eat) acorns!
Love those chubbo hands!

We are working on not playing in the street...
but this is usually the look I get:)
So I love doing crafts, especially around the holidays! Last year we attempted to do some, but it's much more fun now that he's older... all ready mom!

We decided to put our hand print all over pumpkins for our grandparents! Carving would rot and truth is I think every grandparent loves some baby handprints:)

I had envisioned these perfect little handprints all over the pumpkin... well to my surprise Grayson is a little artist:) He wanted to go to town painting, so I decided to just let him have at it!
Oh yes, let's make a mess!!
ahhh, the little artist on the run (on my hardwoods!)
We went straight to the bath and he couldn't quit squeeling...I think he dug the painting:)
Annnd the masterpiece:) We did manage to get a few that looked like handprints!

1 for Nonna & Pop, 1 for Bic Bic & Papa & a little baby one (airplane transportable) for Aunt Lindz! Completed with a picture of him in his Halloween costume that said; "Boo, Do you know who these handprints belong to?!" and delivered to their door!
We had so much fun with our little craft! I am already brainstorming for the upcoming holidays! And after this, I think I am going to get a big canvas and let Gray just go to town and maybe frame it for the playroom?! I love my little sidekick and all the fun things we do together! Ya think he will still craft with me when he's 16?! hehe!!

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