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*13 Months!*

Grayson turned 13 months last week! The 13th month really flew... maybe because we didn't live in our house half the month and then the other half we were sick! We are all back to normal now though and loving this gorgeous weather! I have decided to start updating my blog more often now that I have caught up! I hope to post more as we go rather than waiting until the end of the month to give a big update! Maybe it will make my blog more interesting and help me from getting soo behind (I hope:)! I still plan on doing monthly updates to keep up with how big my baby is getting and the many things he is doing! So for now, MONTH 13!!
*13 Months*
Weight: Well, somebody haaates sitting in the little seat at the doctor and getting weighed! He screams and head dives straight out... so the past two times we have been the poor nurse has said "22 something" & "ok, I think his weight is fine!" as she hurrily handed him back:) Maybe next time...
Height: I'd say about 31-32 inches... he is getting so long!
Clothes: Size 12; started some 12-18 months
Diaper: Size 3
Headed to school on my 13 month birthday! I look way too big here & yes I am aware he now looks silly in this carseat:)

What Grayson Likes: As I said at 12 months, OUTSIDE! I cannot express to you his love for the outdoors. It is a good thing, I know. Chris & I have decided we are just going to put his crib in a tent and he wouldn't even need us;). He now loves to wave and say hi to everyone! That is a major plus, since we went through an ugly stranger anxiety stage. However, he still gives "the look" when he's trying to figure you out, but we are getting there! He loves using the top of his drum set to play "smash face", he will smush his face against it then hand it to me to do it! Too funny! He loves having long conversations with himself or sometimes even the neighbors dogs. He just goes on and on and on. He even has some attitude too! (Funny video to come!) I have officially given up on the baby stage of "stay out of the dirt", "be careful with the concrete on your knees", etc. Not that it ever phased him, but he is officially turning into a dirty boy! He loves to get right in the middle of the dirt and play. There is NO skipping a bath these days! Which I have come to call the bath our "happy place". He absolutely loves bath time and it allows Mommy to wash her face & brush her teeth (oh it's the little things:) We no longer use the bathseat now and he loves to just swim all around and sit down and stand up a gazillion times! I also got him some new bath toys, but he seems to like the shampoo bottles much better!

What Grayson Dislikes: Coming inside from outside...resulting in bow the back, throw the head back & scream! Fun fun:) Not many things he dislikes excepts sometimes he doesn't like to get in the highchair, but I've learned to have the food ready & waiting on the tray! & also I think he's realized momma is trying to wean some bottles... the first word he says when he wakes up is "baba". However, no more morning bottles but he has adjusted very well!

Best Moment this Month: Despite the horrible double whammy viruses he got back to back, I must say he was the best snuggler!! He would sit in my lap and lay on me and watch a whole movie and just fall asleep. I hated him being sick, but I did love that! I don't get that on a normal non-stop Graybear day!! However, I will take a well boy anyday;)

This Month I: Have some new words: thank you, uhoh & ball, Copper is my best friend and I chase her around, I have discovered that I can stand up in everything such as the highchair, stroller, grocery cart, etc. I can do it in a blink of an eye and I think I give momma a heartattack!, Uhoh is my new favorite word and sometimes I even drop things on purpose so that I can say it. I also say it when the blue screen comes up on the TV when the DVR has stopped or someone pauses the show. What are these people doing?! Play!! I love to eat sooo much and had a lot of making up to do after I was sick. My favoritest thing in the world right now are rasberries and I will eat them as if I've never been fed!!, One day I surprised Mommy and wrote with a pen on my Elmo cash register... she didn't know I was watching her all this time;),  I love to slide down big and little slides all by myself and climb back up the stairs and do it all over again!!, I always say "oooohh" when I fall or something sudden happens! and mommy has found this new technique when I don't want to go to sleep or when I'm restless for me to straddle her face to face as she sings to me and I just put my head right on her shoulder and pass out... I think she digs it;)

Gray & Momma at his 12 month check up!
(This sucker was all Dr. Bubba... it helped with those awful shots though!!)

Looking back at his 12 month check up, I feel like things have changed a lot since then as far as his schedule and eating habits. This is just an FYI for me, but wanted to remember when we started/stopped stuff:
-We switched from formula to whole milk. He seems to love the Horizon Organic so I plan on sticking with that! He takes about 2 bottles a day now! I actually have no intentions of being completely bottleless anytime soon. We need these bottles to sleep! I do not give him one unless he is taking a nap or it's bedtime and some days we only have one if I get him down for a nap other ways, but for now this works for us and sleep is very important in this home!!
-He eats breakfast, lunch & dinner & 2 snacks in between. He is mainly all big people food now, but I still love the Plum baby pouches! They go with us everywhere and they are a healthy, quick snack on the run! He will probably eat these till he's 10:) (quick food faves: rasberries, blueberries, grapes, pancakes, french toast, gerber crunchies, banana/mango flavored anything, yogurt, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, deli turkey, spinach, broccoli, peas, grilled cheese, tacos, spaghetti, ok, i'll stop! HE LOVES TO EAT:)
-His naps are very inconsistent. I have found that having a strict schedule is impossible for us right now. I work 3 hours 3 days a week and he will not nap at school. He crashes the second I put him in the carseat at noon and these usually last 30-45 minutes since he is in the car, this sometimes results in a long or short afternoon nap. It depends on the time and how tired little mister decides he is? However, on days we are home he will easily fall asleep around 10:30 and nap for 1 1/2-2hrs, resulting in a short afternoon nap. I think it will get more consistent when he only takes one nap in the middle of the day and he can be home in his bed. However, for now it works for us!
-The good part, he sleeps from about 8:00p-8:00a pretty consistent lately (and because I am saying this he will wake up at 6:00 tomorrow:) This is my saving grace, although I never know if I'll have "my time" during the day, I always get my time at night and my sleep, which is way more important to me!
At his 12 month check up I was given the go ahead to give him any food he wanted! So what's for dinner?!? Welcome to Moe's!!:) He loved it! Obviously...

So excited he wanted to stand up & shout!

Please notice the hand prints on the wall and table:) It just got fun...
Sad face for weaning bottles:( Grayson was flustered too...
He loves watching TV on this! Thanks for my bday gift Cooper!
We had lunch in the middle of Collierville Mall. First time to try milk without the bottle, haa not happening! But it was fun to play with!


Daddy blows the best bubbles:)
Feeding ribs to Pop!
"Wait, can I have some of that?!"
Love Diddy's grillin'!
Playing at Nonna's!
We had so many mum mum's left from when he was little we gave him one for each hand! He thought it was so much fun!

So much fun, he wouldn't put them down for anything:)
 He has a new buddy, Graham, at school. Graham will come running down the hall saying Grayson's name and as soon as he walks in Gray will just wave and say "hi!" It's too cute:)

Gray's first trip to Perkins! He loved it!
So stuffed he passed out before the puppet show! I had to wake him because we were on a list:(
Swinging makes him so happy:)
The kid could play with ice and a cup for hours!
and he loves him some balloons! This was at the Germantown Festival!
September 11th! Proud to be an AMERICAN!!
Poor baby was so sick here... he was so miserable this is the only way I could get him to sleep, so I just strolled around for hours!
Chris was in a golf tournament the weekend Grayson was horribly sick (convenient, huh? haha! j/k!) Here he is looking out the window saying "dada"!
Nonna helped nurse Graybear back to health while Daddy was gone. Thanks the Lord for Grandma's:)
Starting to feel a little better... I let him have at it in the dirt!

The day he started feeling better we both needed some giggles...
so Momma tickled & tickled...

till we got all our giggles:)
One day he was playing quietly and I looked in to check on him and he had some how made it on the other side of this contraption?! Didn't know if he went under or over??
However, a couple of days later this... hahaha! I guess it didn't go so smoothly this time! hehe!
He loves taking all the DVD's out of the basket and climbing on in! Love finding him doing the randomest stuff.
(please excuse the outfit, somebody had an accident:)
I got him this new widgeon jacket for the winter and I tried it on him to see if it was the right size. I figured I'd get a fight and scream out of this... I was wrong. He would not take it off. He played in it forever until the poor kid was about to sweat his body weight!

Dress up:) Hehe j/k Chris! It's just bubbles and a rattle!
Are you ready for some football?!?
I got super excited about fall and set me up a little festive fun! Grayson loves it and it's his new favorite place to play!
The neighbor came over to play and was a little fussy...Grayson was just sayin "Come on, it's fall ya'll!"

Pumpkins! We are learning these are not "balls". The day we went and picked these out he kept saying "ball, ball, ball" quite humorous!!
He is so close to walking! He will take steps by himself, but I think he's just being his cautious self and not ready to take off yet. But it could happen any day now!
I will hold the tip of his pinky finger and he walks everywhere, but it's just right when ya let go he's still trying to figure it out! (P.S. that's not me! haha!)
Happy Birthday Copper!!
(I have a cute video to post, but something is wrong w/the uploader... it's hilarious... I will post soon!)
Playing with the punkins!
His new skinny jeans, hehe j/k
Do I spy shoes?!? Yes, we got some new kicks! He is ready to go!!
 We went to the Farmer's Market and I decided to let him try plums. We got home and I let him dig in... he LOVED it!

"Dang, where has this been all my life?!"
Wow, long post! Hope you enjoyed literally the whole past month in one post, yikes! I promise to post more often! This month has been a rollercoaster, but I am very thankful for these silly little trials because it always make me realize how my problems are so minoot compared to others! Life is super short and my new motto for the fall is "It will get done." No worrying about the clothes in the dryer when my baby angel wants to play outside. He is getting more fun by the day and I can't wait to sit back and enjoy this beautiful season with all the blessings in my life! As Chris would make fun of me and say "Happy Fall Y'all!!" :)

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