Monday, September 24, 2012

*12 Months*

I am so behind on blogging, Gray will be 13 months tomorrow and I have yet to post his 12 month update! This month has been crazzzy! Our hot water heater busted 3 weeks ago and our house went under some major construction... nightmare! As Chris put it we were "transients" for 2 weeks and then the night we were finally home Grayson got sick and then we all got sick and we are still working on getting well! It's been a rough one, but we have survived! Chris & I are going on our very first weekend getaway since Grayson was born... actually it's our very first time to leave him over night! :( I am already nervous about how bad I will miss him, but very excited to get some much needed alone time with my hubby!
Here's my little love bug month 12:)
*12 Months!*
 Weight: 22 lbs. 1 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 30 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
Clothes Size: 12 months
Diaper Size: Size 3

What Grayson Likes: Grayson LOVES being outside! I cannot express how many fits we have thrown when we have to come inside! He reaches his arm out for the door everytime we pass it. Luckily the weather is gorgeous so we usually head on out!, He loves to pretend like he is talking on the phone with a small object or just his hand. He will go on and on fake laughing and jabbering... it's hilarious! I guess we do kinda sound a little crazy:), He also thinks it's so funny to pretend like he is sharing his food with you and then take it back right when you get close!! It's pretty funny... at least he is tempting to share:), He continues to LOVE music... he got a drum set for his birthday and I think we might have a little rockstar on our hands. He also loves dogs, horses and books! Of course every dog is "Caa Caa" to him! And he loves sitting in a doorway and swinging the door back and forth... oh the ways we entertain!
 What Grayson Dislikes: Very odd, but he cannot stand public restrooms. Whether it's the grocery, mall, etc. he freaks out the second we enter. Then when we get into the stall it gets even worse and he is usually half way out of the basket screaming. I guess maybe the echo or that it's pretty confined scares him, but needless to say mama has learned to be pretty speedy!! He also does not like when you tell him no no and pull his arm away from what he is doing... he is quick to push your arm right back! Ohh lawddy, already?! hehe, jk:)

Best Moment this Month: Instead of going on and on about your special day, just see the previous post! It was bittersweet to see my baby turn 1, but it was such a perfect day with perfect friends and family and the most perfect, sweetest birthday boy!!

This Month I: Started blowing kisses when I say bye bye and even make the muahh sound:), I have started talking a lot more and saying the words: Copper or actually "CaaCaa", thank you, all gone, mama, dada and he says "baaa" when you ask what a sheep says and "mooo" when you ask what a cow says!, I am pretty smart and if I want something on a table I can't reach I just shake the table for it to fall which includes lamps, orchids, etc:), I have gotten so much better about Mama and Dada leaving me at church and the gym... sometimes I only fuss for a few minutes and then play the rest of the time! Hallelujah!!, I also love to feed Copper in my highchair and she seems to like it too! And who says you walk before you climb?! Although I am close to walking, I got this climbing thing down;)

See I can climb:)

Cheese monkey! Eatcha up:)

 Pop has already introduced the golf clubs and he loves them!

Celebrating Nonna's birthday!
He loves looking at pictures of himself:)

Playing with my old babydoll, Matthew.
Momma being silly at Costco!
Some of the best moments are just watching my 2 boys!

My birthday present from Aunt Lindz... radio flyer canopy! Coolest kid on the block;)
We went to the sprinkler park and I wish we had gone more this summer! It will definitely be at the top of our list for next summer! He had a blast and wasn't scared a bit!

Most of the kids in our nursery are older, but it does not phase him at all. Making music with the big kids!
Playing in the tunnel at school.
Popsicle date with my buddy Ben Barker!
Daddy switch:)
Zoo Day!!
Watching the Sea Lion Show, he was so into it!

"What in the world?! How did they do that!!"
His first carousel ride... definitely won't be the last!
Love my sweet boy!
Daddy, Gray & Sheep! "Baaa"
His favorite was the Panda's. He couldn't believe he was so close to them!!
Choo Choo!
Happy Birthday to our Lindsey!! We miss and love you tons!!!!
We had blueberry muffins in honor of Aunt Lindz's bday!
And more climbing...
Success!! I think I'll have this picture frame...
He went through the funniest sleeping phase one week... he would wake up around 10pm and stand in his bed just kind of whining. It wasn't a big enough cry for me to go get him like something was wrong and he was literally falling asleep standing up. This went on for like 45 minutes... eyes shutting, bobble heading until finally...
 he crashed. These pictures were taken 2 seconds apart... poor baby wouldn't give up.

He loves on the babydolls at school:) hehe, don't tell dada!!
Birthday shopping!
and the birthday present he was not a fan of:)

At his buddy, Cooper's birthday party! They are 8 days apart, so neat!!

Coop, Ben & Gray! Sweet buds!

Helping him open his gifts!

and his big day started with some pancakes! Yum Yum!!
This month has flown, I am excited to post your 13 month update because you have grown so much lately! You are becoming more fun by the day with all your words and things you catch on to so quickly! Lately I've found myself having such fun days with you... I love my little buddy:)

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