Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grayson's 1st Birthday!!

Grayson turned one on Saturday, August 25th and we had a big ole parade for him! It was so much fun! Despite the rain and giving me a mild heartattack right up to the party, we pulled it off and ended up having nice cool weather! I had so much fun planning it and as some people say the first birthday is for the mom... well maybe so, but it was fun & Grayson had a blast too!

The theme of the party was "Animal Parade". We had carnival themed food: Pretzels, Corndogs & mini corndogs, nachos & animal crackers with some yummy homemade icing!

For the favors we gave out real carnival popcorn & animal crackers! A little something for the kiddos & parents too! Sealed with a little note that said: "Thanks for marching over to play, you made my day! Love, Gray"

All the kids (and parents) enjoyed dressing up as their animal of choice with some fun animal masks!

You can't have a parade without a float! It was so much fun to decorate... brought back a lot of high school & college memories!

I got this idea from Martha Stewart. Super easy, yet not fun when the rain deflated them and I had to do some last minute balloon blowing:)

Centerpieces filled with popcorn and the main man of the day!

Starting to get excited after his breakfast pancakes!

King's chair:)

This was the outside table where we did cake & ice cream! Of course decorated with the month by month banner:) This thing will probably hang in our house for weeks, hehe! I love looking at each month and seeing how my baby has grown!

Waiting on all of his buddies to arrive!!

Kate & Cole Miskel

Daddy & the grandparents!

Cutie pie, Kate!

The fun racoon!

Happy Birthday to my little lovebug!!!!

"The Concessions"

Sweet friends!

Stephanie & Leighton!

Yes, this is my amazing sis-in-law underneath this costume! I promise she volunteered to do this! I did put her out of her misery quick because most of the kids were terrified!

Ben Barker wasn't scared!

Mr. Cooper was tough too!

Now Kate on the otherhand thought this elephant was going to attack!

Our little family! So blessed God picked these 2 for me:)

Little Reese was brave as could be!

Sweet Jennings Woodley!

"Momma save me from this creepy elephant!"

Graybear & Pop!

He loved talking into the balloons how Daddy taught him!

I love this picture! You would never think these two were only a couple of weeks apart!

Reese Harrison, sweetest little thing!!

Cameron and Debra! He will be a big brother to a little sister so soon!

Jay the elephant:)

Such fun daddys! Love these boys!

Mr. Brandon Mahr a-snoozin'!

"Wait a minute, I recognize you..."

"Aww geeeez! That's my silly Aunt Meg!"

Krissie the elephant:) Hehe!

His favorite place to be... so big on daddy's shoulders!

Sweet Kate playing on the float!

I see future homecoming court!

Krissie & her sweet boy, Brandon!

Getting ready for the parade ride with daddy!

All the daddys & their babies!

Too much fun!!:)

My favorite picture of the day! Look at Gray's face:) It was worth it all...

Birthday Boy!

The Miskel babies:)

"This is so fun!!"

His "look". He gives this a lot;)

Time to open presents!

He wanted to stop and play with each one...

Erica, Hayes, Reese & Alicia... the babies of the bunch!

Love this pic:)

Hudson was thinking hard about that thomas the train engine!

And the look... "What? Is that Mickey Mouse?!"

Elmo, his favorite!

He FINALLY got Rock n' Roll Elmo! We have played with this every Target visit & he would get so mad when we put it back. Welp Gray, it's all yours!!:)

Cake time!!

Cannot believe my baby boy is 1!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Haha! The face... he really did like it.

He really didn't go crazy and make a huge mess. He picked pieces off, but was overall a neat eater!

On to the ice cream, which I think he liked even better!

All the damage that was done!

Of course we had to share with our girlfriend, Ley Ley!

"Wait, what? You just took my cake!"

Riding on my new thomas the train engine!

One happy birthday boy! He did not fuss a single second this day! I think he could get used to birthdays:)

Sharing with his big sis, Copper!

Wow, it was one amazing day! I had planned so much in advance so I would actually get to enjoy the party and his birthday and I can honestly say I did. Grayson was an angel all day and to see the looks of excitement on his face throughout the day made every single bit of it worth it! I can't believe how fast this year flew by, but I won't complain because it was all I dreamed of and more! Grayson your daddy & I are so proud of you! We look at each other all the time with the biggest smiles on our face filled with so much pride, thankfulness and love. You have brought us a whole new normal and it's better than any life we could ever imagine! We ended this day with a high five and your daddy said something along the lines of "here's to a year...i think we did pretty good." Amen, amen & amen! If I could touch the big man's hand upstairs I would say the exact same thing to him!
Happy Birthday Grayson Lee Clark! We can't wait for all that is to come!!

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