Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bare with me...

Unfortunately, our computer went kaput the week before Christmas. A computer was not on our wish list so we will do without for now. I did get a new iphone, but I am still getting used to it so it would probably take me weeks to post his monthly update. Next week we go to the doctor so I will find a way to get his 4 month update posted. For now I just wanted to share some pics, let ya know we didn't fall off the face of the earth and say that our first Christmas with our sweet little Graybear sure was amazing... we are falling more in love everyday (is that possible?;) Be back soon :)
*Our life through the iphone...
Our Big Boy! I think I need to put a brick on his head;)
My new outfit from Aunt Meg! I love penguins a.k.a. wingwins!
Still recovering from Christmas... couldn't even finish my milk.
Just hanging out with my new toy from Aunt Lindz, watching Charlotte's Web I got from Uncle Josh!
Nonna & Pop gave me Scout, he's my new best friend!
My new hat from Bic Bic & Papa... ready for some snow!
This Santa guy is pretty cool ;)
{Can you find Grayson?!}

Friday, December 9, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

"Jesus Loves Me" is the song I sang to Gray in my tummy and the song I sing to him every night as I rock him to sleep. Tonight as I sung it I held him a little closer and stared at him a little longer as I couldn't get a special someone off of my mind. I cannot believe it has been a year since Evie passed away. At her funeral was the first time in a while I had heard this song. It brought on a whole new meaning and every time I sing it it reminds me how precious life is. Please stop right now and say a prayer for Jonathan, Alicia and Ramsey today. They need strength to get through this day. Hug & love your babies tonight & never forget this sweet face...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Saturday we went to the St. Jude race to support our good friend Jonathan in his first half marathon. He ran in honor of his sweet daughter, Evie Grace. There were a lot of Team Evie supporters and it was great to be a part of such a special day! Grayson in his "IRUN4 Evie Grace" onesie - he loved supporting Evie & Uncle Itchy;)
Might be my favorite picture yet... can he stay on my shoulder like this forever?!
And there's the triathlete, Mr. Jonathan Harrison!
Saturday night we all went to dinner @ Bosco's for Chris's birthday. Yes, he turned 32, wowzers he's getting old (hehe jk)... but I love him more everyday:)
The Williams The Harrisons Dave & Meg The Birthday Boy!! It was a great weekend spent with great friends! Please keep the Harrison's in your prayers as they are coming upon a year that Evie passed away. As it was very evident this weekend, that sweet baby girl still lives on in so many peoples lives & always will... we love you Evie Grace!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Craft

It's Christmas time!!! And we are enjoying every moment of this holiday at the Clark house! With this sweet face around it's hard not to be filled with joy:) I've already conquered all the shopping and they are wrapped and under the tree. Now it's time to enjoy!
I got a wild hair one day and decided Grayson and I would do a Christmas craft. It was a lot of fun! We decided to make Grandma Nonna & Bic Bic an early Christmas surprise for their house. I'm not very artsy, but figured when it comes to baby footprints and grandmas ya really can't go wrong! So this is what we did... I set up shop in our game room...(a.k.a. converted baby storage room).

I made footprints with brown paint on little canvases I got from Michael's. All was well until the paint was cold to Gray's feet and he kept scrunching his toes! No bueno, we had to do some fixin but it turned out pretty good! I used his big toe to make red noses for the "reindeer".Then painted on the blue eyes and the antlers...I decided to add "1st Christmas" and because I'm not very artsy I drew it first with black marker and the black marker came through the red and actually looked better than just the red. Sweet.Here's how they turned out! I think they looked pretty good, well grandma approved at least;) I added ribbon with a hot glue gun so they could hang them on a door or wherever. I've got mine hanging right when ya walk in the door;)... it makes me smile!So there's our Christmas craft! So fun & many more crafts to come... I need to brush up on my skills before it's time to be a room mom! hehe:)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gobble Gobble...

is what this little man has to say:) We had an awesome Thanksgiving and had 2 special visitors... Aunt Lindz & Uncle Josh! We are so thankful we got to spend Turkey Day with them! The night they came in town we had a little BBQ at my parents. Here are a few pics from the festivities...
The McBride's joined too! Here is Grayson playing with his buddy Cooper! Memphis beat UT this day so Grayson wore his game day gear:) Having Lindz here always makes the holidays much more special! The Barker clan... Matt, Julie & baby BenGray & NonnaHe loves to sit up, so big!Turkey Day! Time to eat... my thumb:)We started Thanksgiving out at Chris's parents... a.k.a. BicBic & Papa's! Grayson is very thankful for his daddy!and mommy too, of course;)I love my aunt Meg!Sweet picture!Then we headed over to the Hemphill house for more fun! Lotsa love this year:) The beautiful spread...Lindsey hard at work!This is the new addition to Nonna & Pop's living room... LOVE!The boys watching footballThe goods! Miss and love her so much! All you need is love, love love... The ladies of the kitchen sure cooked up some yummy grub!Lindz getting her puppy love while missing Ella GraceThanks to our our planners/cooks, this...EQUALED THIS!! Yummo:)Too.Much.Turkey.Trying to skype our Miami family. Sumfin's funny!All the attention on the main man... Can I possibly love him anymore?!?Eat you up!!Loving on my Aunt Kim
Wow, what an amazing Thanksgiving!! We got to welcome a sweet blessing into our family, Josh, I got to see my sister happier than she has been in ages and we got to share all these blessings with our biggest blessing, sweet Grayson! You would think my hormones would be pretty good to go by now, so I don't know what I can blame it on? But I have found myself getting emotional a lot over the holidays... Just sitting back seeing all I have to be thankful for. I feel like I can't thank God enough for all he has given us. A year ago, we didn't even know what God was about to bring into our lives. It's crazy what can happen in a year and I am SO thankful! I am thankful for my families health and that we can all spend these special times together. Thank you God for all you have blessed us with!