Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Craft

It's Christmas time!!! And we are enjoying every moment of this holiday at the Clark house! With this sweet face around it's hard not to be filled with joy:) I've already conquered all the shopping and they are wrapped and under the tree. Now it's time to enjoy!
I got a wild hair one day and decided Grayson and I would do a Christmas craft. It was a lot of fun! We decided to make Grandma Nonna & Bic Bic an early Christmas surprise for their house. I'm not very artsy, but figured when it comes to baby footprints and grandmas ya really can't go wrong! So this is what we did... I set up shop in our game room...(a.k.a. converted baby storage room).

I made footprints with brown paint on little canvases I got from Michael's. All was well until the paint was cold to Gray's feet and he kept scrunching his toes! No bueno, we had to do some fixin but it turned out pretty good! I used his big toe to make red noses for the "reindeer".Then painted on the blue eyes and the antlers...I decided to add "1st Christmas" and because I'm not very artsy I drew it first with black marker and the black marker came through the red and actually looked better than just the red. Sweet.Here's how they turned out! I think they looked pretty good, well grandma approved at least;) I added ribbon with a hot glue gun so they could hang them on a door or wherever. I've got mine hanging right when ya walk in the door;)... it makes me smile!So there's our Christmas craft! So fun & many more crafts to come... I need to brush up on my skills before it's time to be a room mom! hehe:)

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