Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bare with me...

Unfortunately, our computer went kaput the week before Christmas. A computer was not on our wish list so we will do without for now. I did get a new iphone, but I am still getting used to it so it would probably take me weeks to post his monthly update. Next week we go to the doctor so I will find a way to get his 4 month update posted. For now I just wanted to share some pics, let ya know we didn't fall off the face of the earth and say that our first Christmas with our sweet little Graybear sure was amazing... we are falling more in love everyday (is that possible?;) Be back soon :)
*Our life through the iphone...
Our Big Boy! I think I need to put a brick on his head;)
My new outfit from Aunt Meg! I love penguins a.k.a. wingwins!
Still recovering from Christmas... couldn't even finish my milk.
Just hanging out with my new toy from Aunt Lindz, watching Charlotte's Web I got from Uncle Josh!
Nonna & Pop gave me Scout, he's my new best friend!
My new hat from Bic Bic & Papa... ready for some snow!
This Santa guy is pretty cool ;)
{Can you find Grayson?!}

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