Saturday, January 7, 2012

*4 Months*

We are back in action and I have numerous updates to come soon! :) Let's start off with the most important... somebody turned 4 months old on Christmas Day!!

*4 Months*Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz (50th Percentile)

Height: 25 inches (50th Percentile)

Clothes: 3-6 Months; some 6 months
Diaper Size: Size 2

What Grayson Likes: School (a.k.a the nursery where I work)... he was mesmerized by the nativity scene and his new girlfriend McKenna:), Movies... I don't like to stick him in front of the TV, but he does catch a movie every once in a while; Toy Story & Charlotte's Web are his favorites! We also discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the computer and he just stares at it Every.kid.loves.Mickey! and I know I have said this before but the kid LOVES to talk, he also loves his new Christmas present from Santa; an exersaucer... standing up is his favorite thing to do and he pops up so proud in there!

What Grayson Dislikes: Waking up and not knowing where he is or if someone wakes him up abruptly. He is so much more aware of his surroundings now and if he doesn't like it, he's not afraid to show it. He likes to take his time waking up too... I think he gets it from his Momma:) It's also so funny when I am having a conversation at work and not including him he will start causing a ruckus making all these noises. He wants all Momma's attention!

Best Moment this Month: We have discovered that our child is also a puppet. Please let me explain... whenever you push his cheeks together he makes noises like "ooohh", "I good", etc. It is absolutely hilarious!! We crack up everytime and he seriously does it everytime we do it whether he is happy, sad, no matter what! Gosh he brings us so many giggles:)

This Month I: got CHUNKY:) & I got on a schedule! I sleep 10 hours every night from about 9:45 - 8:00. Momma sure loves me for it :) I also take 30 min - 1 hr naps in my crib after I play after each feeding. I eat every 3 hours and just moved up to 7 oz. This guy loves him some "baba"! Early in to my 4th month I broke out of my swaddle and was ready to explore my bed! So we said no more swaddle! I giggle and have a ball on my changing pad and like to scoot to the top with my legs when I get changed. Makes it fun for Momma & Dada! I have officially conquered the bumbo, but I am not a big fan! I would much rather be on my feet and I want out asap! Which he is already taking steps when I hold his hands... Lord help me:)

*Month 4 in pictures...

Daddy turned 32 four days after my 3 Month Birthday! I can't wait to be just like him one day! I had to support my main man on his bday:)I can feed myself too! (Ha, not really!)I saw my first snow!!I got all bundled up to go to school on this snow day... brrr, who goes to school on snow days?!Our sweet friend, Colleen, sent us this adorable outfit from her Little Hoot Designs! Precious!What did I do to deserve this?! haha!Daddy reading me stories about tractors!I had my first trip to church too!! It was so fun, but I almost had to get taken out b/c I was snoring so loud! haha:)Sweet pea;)Just hangin' out!I also got to visit my new friend Ben Barker! He is so big! Maybe he will protect me?!:)Mommy loves these dadgum photo shoots. So here I am in Christmas shananigans..."A Joy to the World"... I'd say so:)Oh my word, it's Santa! *A baby's 5 senses...
SEE Santa. SMELL Santa.TASTE Santa. LOVE Santa. DROOL on Santa:)Sweet cheeks in the morning:)My little cheese monkey:)
Ley Ley: "Hmm should I make the first move?" Gray: "Oh no, her Daddy's gonna kill me!"Nothing like a Tiger Gameday date with my girlfriend!Watching Alvin & the Chipmunks!Our friend Nala! Uncle Itchy, Aunt Leelee & Ramsey's new pet us, The Millers & The Williams got them for Evie's year.We went over to Nonna & Pop's {hopefully one day soon} new house! I found me a perfect little spot to kick back:)I LOVE my Pop!!My last bottle of breastmilk:( Sad, sad day!BUT I've moved on to bigger and better things! Since I have turned 4 Months I have started rice cereal and I am ready to take on some baby food! Mommy has me some homemade carrots, sweet potatoes, zuchini, squash, broccoli, pears, peaches, bananas, apples & mangos ready to go! Wow, yum yum!! I can't wait:)

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