Tuesday, January 17, 2012

*2012 has begun!*

Well, we haven't been up to much except ringing in the New Year and it feels like Grayson is doing something new everyday! It's so much fun however, the thought of him turning 5 months in a week is starting to really make me sad:( 4 months didn't seem that old, but for some reason 5 months really does! Oh well, I'm trying to cherish every moment!

New Years Eve was real low key. We didn't get out and just stayed home with our favorite blessing of 2011:) I officially felt old because once Gray went to bed Chris & I stayed up playing board games till midnight. old.farts:) It was actually a lot of fun though! New Years Day the Baileys & half the Andrews family came over. We munched and hung out with the kiddos, it was a nice relaxing day to celebrate the New Year!

The garbage men didn't pick our tree up till that next day so I incorporated some New Years decor!We smoked ribs all day since it was like 65? Not normal! My clock (striking midnight) cookie cake & some champ-a-gne!
Lovebirds;) Ley Ley & her frogs "leaping" into the New Year! haha Precious Will:) Can't wait for all this year has in store for this little man!! This picture makes me laugh and think wow, how times have changed...So there is our New Years in pictures! We started rice cereal too and let's just say that did not go well. Here was the outcome...Poor baby was NOT a fan! After skipping days, trying different times of the day & mixing some fruit I finally realized this was not going to work! I didn't realize the oatmeal cereal was so similar... after talking to some people we tried that and he likes it a lot better! I wouldn't say he just loooves it, but it works for now until we move on to baby food. I am going to work with him on the cereal eating it twice a day this week and then start incorporating some baby food at 5 months! I am excited to see what he likes!
Here is my "project baby food"! We've got lots of stuff stored & ready to go!The sweet potatoes were yummy:) Mommy approved!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2012 so far! This weather is crazy, but we are loving it! Park trips in January?! I'll take it!:)

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