Wednesday, January 25, 2012

*5 Months*

Oh boy, are you really 5 months old today?! :( Why is this month hitting me so much harder than the rest? 4 months was still so little, but 5 months means next month you will be half a year old & I just don't think Mommy is ready for that!! I am cherishing every moment but whew, it is flying by! You have become such a little character this past month. Your little personality is blossoming by the day and we are having so much fun with you! So here it goes, your 5 month update.... {please excuse that this post is so long... I feel like he has done so much this past month, so alot of this is just for me to remember!:)}

*5 Months* Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz.

Height: a/b 26 inches

(those are both my measurements so might not be exact...)

Clothes: 3-6 Months & some 6 Months

Diaper Size: Size 2

What Grayson Likes: You still love bathtime and have gotten a lot more active! You love to splash and get water everywhere and you've even learned how to turn off the water! You love being nakey after bathtime and hate putting your clothes on. You love grabbing your toes and you are determined to get them in your mouth. You love making loud noises and when we laugh at you they get even louder;) You love your sock monkey, Bart. He stays in your exersaucer and whenever you get tired while you are playing you lay your head on him. Melt my heart!;) You also love your stuffed animal, Scout, Nonna got you for Christmas. He stays by your boppy lounger and when he accidentally turns on during your feeding you look every which way to find him! Mommy also sings "Zippidy doo dah" to you in the mornings and it always makes you smile:)

What Grayson Dislikes: RICE CEREAL... lordy bees I've never seen this child cry so hard over something (and I really can't blame him). We are d-o-n-e with rice cereal and we have found a liking to oatmeal. They only other thing that really makes you sad is waking up alone or to a stranger. You pucker that bottom lip out and cry the saddest little cry. Even if Daddy & I are in the kitchen and you wake up in the living room you need to see our face... but in your crib you are just fine.

Best Moment this Month: You have started giggling more and more at funny stuff instead of just when we tickle you:) It's usually when we do something quick or sudden like peek-a-boo or "I getcha!" It is the best feeling hearing that little giggle! Also, I have to share this one story because it definitely goes down in the books! One Friday I had a long day and was super exhausted. After I put you to bed I went on my way getting things done for the night and what not and didn't hear a peep out of you. Hours went by and I finally layed down... as soon as I rolled over and shut my eyes I heard 2 loud toots on the monitor! I laughed hysterically. Little boy, you always bring us so much laughter... especially at the funniest times!

This Month I: Grab anything you see, study it and usually put it right in your mouth! You love my phone and start jumping in my arms when you see it... I think maybe because I've let you watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on there a few times. You've started scooting yourself with your knees when you lay on your tummy. You rub your eyes when you are tired and make the cutest little whimper when you see your bottle like you are just starrrving! I cannot express how much your little personality has developed... not only do you love and I mean LOVE to talk, but you've become quite the comedian. Your new thing is you love to fake cough and then when we laugh at you, you do it even more! I also love when I give you the "what are you up to?" look because you always respond with a little tuck of the chin and a big ole grin... I'm sure for years to come you will get away with a lot of things with that look;) You also love to have long conversations with Daddy! You just stare at him and stick that top lip out like you are so serious! The other day I was putting clothes away and had you in my arms... I heard you carrying on and looked up and you were just having a hay day with yourself in the mirror! You have discovered Copper and will just stare at her and follow her all over the room. We have started letting you give her treats too! Ya'll are going to be best buddies one day! You eat 7 oz. every 3 hours on the dot and eat oatmeal at lunch and dinner time. We just started you on some baby food and you are loving it (pears are your favorite thus far)!! You nap in between each feeding for about 30 min. to an hour, except in the morning you can take up to a 2 hour nap... or longer if napping on Mommy. We cheat on our days off and snuggle and I let you sleep in my arms. I figure we are both getting spoiled at the same time so why not? We can both sleep for hours like that:) In the past week you have started to pull up with your neck when we lay you down like you want to sit up and you are also 2 seconds away from rolling from your back to your tummy! I think I'll be removing the bumper pads prettty soon:) We've found out those chunky thighs are ticklish too and discovered you answer to Graybear more than Grayson, haha! We better start calling you Grayson more often before you tell everyone your name is Graybear;) hehe! Your Daddy & I are just head over heels in love with you and you are a such a blessing! It's such a joy to be your Mommy and to say I am proud of you is an understatement! Grayson, Mommy & Daddy love you so much!! Can you please just slow down on this growing up thing?!:)
*5 Months in Pictures...(ugh, once again I could not choose just one:) forgive me!) Sweet baby Gray...Love this little man more than life!!"What up, I'm 5 months old!"You will be rolling over from back to tummy any day now! You are so close!Cheesin:) This is the face you make when you're having some serious convo! The Toes!!Eat those little chunky monkey legs up! You love your jumper, but you haven't quite figured out the jumping part yet...Scoping out Copper Top!My little baby is already eating babyfood... tear!So instead of jumping you've decided you would like to hang... this is how we find you a lot of the time... at least you found a way to watch TV too?? Haha!Hello there!Aunt Meg bought you a matching onesie for the Ravens! She loves the Ravens and I think you brought them luck this game... they won:)My nakey baby before bathtime... you love being nakey:)Yum, yum PEACHES:)~Pop came by and read you "Spot Goes to the Library". You loved it!Saturday morning cartoons... I think here you were watching My Little Pony, hehe! I won't tell:)He now knows when he sits in the highchair it's FOOD TIME! Boy loves to eat! One of my 1st Foods... Sweet Potatoes! I love them!!Headed to church with my own little bible! {Thank you Mrs. Bousson!} Love these sweet hands... Oh you know just reading eating the book of Romans:) Chillin' after church... I slept through the whole service again, yay! :)Our good friends, The Holleys, came to visit us! This is their sweet little boy Ryder!The boys watching their Sunday Football! These toes are just the coolest things since sliced bread. He is just mezmoried by them!And wants to eat them too:)"Me & my buddy, me & my buddy, my buddy & me!" So that is our little baby boy at 5 months old! I hope it is not too soon that I am back with a 6 month update:( So sad he's growing so quick, yet I can't wait for all the fun times to come! Mommyhood is the most amazing thing I tell ya! Daddy & I love you so much Graybear... we are so proud of you! XOXO

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