Thursday, February 2, 2012

Worst Firsts!

Grayson has had 2 new "firsts" in the past week. However these are NOT the fun kind of firsts. Can you guess what they are?!?!
Yes, we had our first cold AND we are teething!!! Waaa, for Grayson.... Waaa, for Mommy!! On his 5 month birthday he started sneezing a lot more than normal and that night he was up alot... I knew something had struck! Of course being the typical first time looney mommy that I am I tried so hard to track down where he caught it from, haha! Then I finally told myself to get a life:) Somehow, somewhere Graybear caught a cold:( It really hasn't been bad... no cough or anything just extra boogies and a little snot. I literally held him the whole next day and would not let him play, just rest! hehe:) I think it helped or at least made him feel better! We are still working through it with the dreaded snot sucker, but we're pretty much over it! However, a little friend decided to visit us Tuesday night and we do not like him!!! His name is mr. toofie:) a.k.a A TOOTH. We were up ALL night Tuesday night and I could not figure out how to get him to sleep. We tried every location of the house and he wouldn't even sleep sound in my arms... that is so not normal. I thought maybe an ear infection, but he wasn't screaming like he was in much pain he just kept waking up crying a little, but mainly just jabbering. He was pretty much restless. We somehow made it to school a.k.a. work the next day and it reminded me of the first few weeks when he was a newborn. I was in zombie mode and cried a few times... I even left his passy at home?!? Somehow advil and his sweet little face got me through the day:) (Oh and Nonna who brought us dinner & was my assistant all night, hehe!) At work he was still fussy even after sleep and me holding him. The lady there mentioned he might be teething. I was in denial at first thinking no way, he's just a baby! Until I got home and researched and saw sure thing it's time for him to start cutting teeth. Really?!? Already?!? But he's just a baby:( When he woke up from his nap I inspected and sure enough found a little white speck popping up on his bottom left gum. It's very hard to see and not quite cutting the gum yet but it's sumfin and that sumfin is causing a not so happy baby boy! Daddy came to the rescue with some baby orajel and it seemed to help a little last night. He only woke up at 11 & 4... not too bad compared to the night before. At 4 I crammed some Tylenol in his mouth and he was conked out till 8:30 this morning, woohoo! I pray for more sleep tonight!:) but most of all I'm thankful for answered prayers of this sweet little healthy baby boy growing way too fast before our eyes!!! Heres to drooling, chewing & orajel!!
XOXO~ tiredmomma

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