Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Me & my buddies!

Grayson has had a few fun little visitors this past month! We had our good buddies, Cooper & Ben Barker & their momma's over for some dinner & a whole lot of mommy talk! :) I made some Pioneer Woman lasagne... it turned out pretty darn good! the 3 boys;) (Ben knew he had some catching up to do & I must say he did a verry good job!)
Cooper & Grayson are 8 days apart... it was too funny watching them together! They were doing the exact same things...
Hey wait, you about my age....
And Grayson decided to show out while company was over and roll over to his tummy!!!
BEST BUDDIES:)Grayson also got to meet his big boy buddy Braxton and my long time bff, Ashlee! It's so crazy to see OUR little ones together! My how times have changed... I love it!Braxton was such a good helper! Sweet boy!It was so great to get together with good friends & their boys:) I can't wait to watch them all grow up together and become best buddies!!

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