Thursday, February 23, 2012

HeArT DaY!~

Valentine's Day was so fun this year with a new little love bug in our house! I was excited to carry on the tradition my parents did for me by leaving Grayson goodies where he would wake up and have breakfast a.k.a. his highchair:) I remember always waking up before school and running out to the kitchen table to see what we got! Then my Mom would always have us heart shaped sandwiches and Valentine napkins in our lunch! I can't wait to keep these traditions going with our kids!The Saturday before Valentine's Day, Chris & I had a little date night to Spindini. In the middle of our dinner we got a surprise phone call from our good friend Mr. Harrison who had 2 extra Memphis basketball tickets! We were so excited! Thank you Uncle Itchy for making our Valentines even more special:)On Valentine's Day we took it easy with our newest love and made homemade heart shaped pizzas! I got Chris some new accessories for his green egg for vday so it was only right to break them in!And Grayson had some too! Haha juuust barely touched his mouth;)We had a wonderful LOVE day:) I scored some James Taylor tickets for July and these beautimous flowers...Gray got his favorite Mickey Mouse toy and DVD...and Copper of course got a little something too!But most of all Chris & I shared a new love as mommy & daddy... a love for this little man that no words can explain!XO

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