Thursday, March 1, 2012

*6 Months*

Ohh little man, how are you already 6 months old?! It seems like your Daddy and I were just bringing you home from the hospital fighting over whether or not you were going to wear a bonnet (you did, I won haha!). These past 6 months have been so amazing and it just keeps getting better by the day!

*6 Months*

Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz - 75th percentile
Height: 27 inches - 75th percentile
Head: 45 inches - 75th percentile
We have a long, chunky little boy! We are not sure where you get your height or blue eyes from? We are definitely not tall and both have brown eyes! Hmm wonder if they will stay?
Diaper Size: Size 3

What Grayson Dislikes: I think we have a sensitive little boy on our hands! You get so upset when your Daddy messes with me (if we are playing around and he tries to get me or something) or when Daddy gets Copper all riled up and she starts growling... You cry and look like you are scared to death! I think you have a little of Momma in ya and I ain't complainin;) You also are going through the stage where strangers or even familiar people make you flat out cry... You want Momma and Daddy lots:)

What Grayson Likes: You love being outside! We have become walkoholics lately and you just cruise around in so much peace!, You love peek a boo or anything sudden... you giggle your little heart out. Especially when Daddy says meeshka mooshka mickey mouse really loud, it's quite funny!..speaking of Mickey you absolutely love him!!, You want to try anything I'm eating or drinking... although I don't go along with all of it you love nawing on my frozen bananas and want my water bottle from a mile away!, You love to walk... with help of course:) you look up and carry on like you are so proud!

Best Moment this Month: I can't pick just one, but I would have to say the sound of his little belly laugh is absolutely the best sound ever! I seriously start acting like a fool and doing the craziest things to get him to laugh!
This Month I: Roll over (well roll EVERYWHERE!), sit up, giggle all the time, eat lots of baby food and still suck down your bottle...big boy!, you love to sleep on your tummy and you officially move ALL over your bed which has given momy a heartattack and a lot less sleep:) we removed the bumper pads this week and so far, so good!, you get your little legs under your tummy and scoot, scoot, scoot... Every time I see this I remind myself it won't be long and to enjoy while you are "confined" haha!

My little ham at 6 months old...

Gotta love some leg rolls:)

Copper is a little jealous, so I figured she could be part of the shoot too!

Here is the last month in pictures... growing by the day.
One of his first times sitting up all by himself!

Please notice Lindsey & Josh in the background on the computer! Here is our Friday night skype session:)

He looooves Mickey! Can you find him?!

Oh you know just chillaxin watching the tube!

We also upgraded to the big boy part of the stroller... so much more fun since you can see everything!

Just watching the Grammys!

Daddy getting my "gray meat" haha! He just cracks up!!

Pop teaching me all about the the Super Bowl!Aunt Meg & Me on Super Bowl Sunday!"Oh momma, I just love mangos!"Can't tell who's happier... Nonna or Graybear?:)This is my friend, McKenna, from the nursery...she calls my baba and gives me 9,000 hugs a day:)Nothing like some daddio love!Told ya, he loves Mickey!!Please notice this little booger has a little cowlick, hehe! I love it:)Rubber ducky, you're the one!Out smarting me and getting it back with his feet!We also have started eating some mum mums & let me tell you they are num num!!Bic Bic & Papa loving on me!

Passed out after a full day at the park!
My Love!
Celebrating your 6 month birthday at Patrick's! First time in a highchair & you loved it!Ready for some food!!
Headed to church... The day you sneezed & snored like a man and had the whole congregation laughing!!
Oh my little buddy, I cannot believe you are half a year old! Time sure has flown, but every moment has been a blessing! I can't wait to watch you continue to grow as you make us laugh and smile more and more everyday! I never knew I could love something so much! Your little personality brings such joy to your daddy and I. We hope we can be the best parents that you deserve! I thank God everyday for you my little angel. I hope you always know how loved you are!

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  1. he is such a little stud! I can't believe how fast he is growing!!