Friday, March 30, 2012

Top Baby Things

So I follow a blog,, and read her post about the top things she did not need with her babies. I recently put up all of Grayson's "baby" things in the attic (tear!) and it got me thinking of all the things we did and did not use very much. I thought it would be neat to remember the top 5 things I didn't need and the top 5 things I couldn't have lived without! I know all babies are so different so I thought it would be cool to look back and see how things might be different with the next one!
*Top 5 things we didn't need...
1. Bumbo seat: This kid was not a fan of the bumbo seat! He would last maybe 5 minutes in it and then would throw a fit.
2.Play gym: We did use this a little, but not as much as I thought we would. By the time he got to the stage where he could grab at the toys he was rolling all over the place and did not like being in restricted space. I got it out one last time the other day and he sat up in the middle hitting all the toys like crazy and they were hitting him all in the face... I said ok, we're done:)
3. Lamb vibrating seat: We just did not use this much. I used it a handful of times on the go when we would go to a friends house so I could have a place to sit him down, but like the bumbo seat I just do not think he liked sitting still in one place for long. I am glad we have it though b/c I feel we could potentially use it alot the next go around with 2:)
4. Baby bjorn: Thank goodness we did not actually purchase the very pricey one, but I got one at TJ Maxx to get some things done around the house. Well he did not like facing me one bit because he couldn't see anything and when he was old enough to face out we used it one time for grocery shopping and then he was ready to sit in the cart! I am sure a lot of people have a differnet opinion about this, but it just wasn't for us!
5. Bibs: I might be quick to name this one, but so far we don't use bibs very much. I feel like I have a gazillion that have never been used. Grayson rarely spits up and he's not a big drooler... yet! I have the one plastic bib I use for baby food but all the other cute monogramed/outfit matching bibs are still hidden in his drawer. Maybe he will start drooling soon?! Ha! Or else we'll pass them on to the next one...
*Top 5 things I couldn't live without...
1. Bottle warmer: This was something I was iffy about getting. I thought it was a little high maintenance to purchase so I decided if someone got it for me I would keep it, but it wasn't something I would purchase on my own. Well fortunately we got it as a gift and I still use it to this day!! It has saved hours upon hours of my time. I love that thing to death!
2. Boppy lounger: I actually did not know about this until I received it as a gift. It is similar to just a regular boppy, but it has a middle and is a full circle. Grayson pretty much lived on this as a newborn and we still use it to feed him. He napped, ate and just hung out with us on the couch in this! It's perfect having them close to you, but not having to hold them all the time!
3. Lamb swing: As I type he is actually taking a nap in this! It is so easy to get him to sleep in this and he loves watching movies in it and just passing out. It was also a lifesaver on those restless nights when I needed to sleep next to him!
4. Changing table: I actually decided to not have a changing table in Gray's nursery, but lucked out at the end when I got a little nervous about not having one. There is a room connected behind his room and we have a ping pong table in there. I decided to make a corner of it his "changing table" and I am so glad I did. It was one of his favorite places to lay and looking back I cannot imagine not having a place to change him. Especially with a doggy, the floor is not an option!
5. Breast pump: We didn't purchase this until after Grayson was born incase my milk didn't come in, but we were at Toys r Us within weeks after I started breastfeeding. I guess this totally depends on your situation, but this pump was my best friend for a lot of months!! I could not have lived without this thing, but not gonna lie I was glad to put it away!! Till next time...
Sorry if this was boring, but my baby book is slowly but surely saying "See Blog..." haha! So anything I think of I don't want to forget, I am sure to post!

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