Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Phone Pics!

Happy Super Bowl! Let's celebrate!!

Some entertainment on a rainy day while Mommy recovered from the stomach virus.

Amazing how entertaining food coloring and shaving cream is! Even had some glowstick balloons!


It had been a while since I cooked spaghetti and this kid was LOVING it! Obviously...

Slurping his noodles:)

It tastes so much better when ya make a mess!

Getting ready for a day on the town in his sweater Josh's Mom made!

After our Kid's Play & Mellow Mushroom Date this kid was ready to crash!

Yeehaw for bacon!!

This is an everyday occurrence these days... Daddy & Gray wrestling!

Daddy's bench press while Grayson counts all the way to "eleventeen!!!" hehe! I just can't correct him;)

A little Chik-fil-a on the go!

 Trying on old clothes... doing a little spring cleaning!

Finally got him to eat PB&J! He loved it!

After a night at Nonna & Pop's this kid was worn out! I think this was a 3+ hour nap!

Getting ready for a day of shopping with Mommy & Nonna! We had to fuel him with a milk shake:)

Having a little fun at Collierville Mall!

We went in Build-a-bear and they gave him this super hero mask... he would not take it off! Not kidding, even lunch at Firebird's everyone got a good chuckle!

Preparing for the beach!

Park Day! We are SOO ready for Spring!

I love the park by our house. There are no streets anywhere near and he can just run free!

A little late night sword fight!

These 2 must have gotten a plan together at school! We both ended up at the park after school! They saw each other and started screaming each others names... it was so cute!

How I picked him up from Bic Bic's one day... hehe crazy kid!

Fun @ The Zoo! Howling at the wolves!

He loves the panda bears! Always a favorite!

My sweet buddy hanging out with the giraffes!

We saw a little baby monkey! It was so cute and he kept saying "he needs his mommma!" :)

Had a blast in the caves!

We had been working on "listening" this week and he did such a good job at the Zoo! I thought he needed a little Muddy's cupcake reward... and he did too;)

That night we went to bed and he started breaking out in hives (this was 2 days later, a little worse) and I freaked. It scared me, but I thought it was the amoxicillin he was on. However, after a doctor visit he thinks it has something to do with his allergies and think it's a very good possibility it could have been from the Zoo! So crazy! I guess we will just keep an eye out next time!

My little snuggle bunny!! With all of his favorites... Pop's hat, puppy & monkey (he sleeps with) & his yogurt!

Of course we had to celebrate a little 2 1/2 year olds birthday!

Kate & Cole came over & I guess he thought he had to hang with the big boys! He just rolled in the mud...

All boy:)

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet boy! I cannot even say the number "3" yet because it makes my stomach turn! Seriously you have to stay this age forever! Momma & Daddy love you "soooo much"! We are so proud of you;) xo buddy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

1 MORE, MAKES 4!!:)

That's right!! Our little family will be a party of 4 come September!! We are sooo excited and feel so blessed that God has gifted us with another little miracle! Grayson is pretty pumped too and can't wait to "hold it" and "feed the bottle"! He is determined it is a girl, but we will see! ha! This is going to be such a fun time for all of us! Please keep us in your prayers for a safe & healthy pregnancy! We give all the Glory to Him!!! Woo hoo, here's to baby #2!!! :)

LoVe DaY!

We had a fun little Valentine's Day and got to make some fun treats for Grayson's party at school!
This was a Pinterest idea and they turned out so cute... Candy canes molded onto a cake pop stick with white chocolate and sprinkles in the middle! Pretty yummy too!

We had to do favor bags too so we got a few fun things together!

We woke up the next morning ready to take his treats to school and it was canceled due to the weather! Thank goodness they rescheduled and everyone got to enjoy them on Monday! Grayson was pretty excited his school was "shut", he didn't want to get out of his pajamas:)

We started Valentine's Day off with a special little breakfast!

And our Valentine tradition... Gibson's!!

Showing Daddy some love with a funny monkey dancing card... picked out especially by Grayson!

Gray's goodies!

Everybody needs a life size Elmo hug;)

Can't forget our Coppo too!

Momma sure felt some love! 

Dumping out the goods!

These faces are priceless:) So excited over the simplest stuff!

Later that day we went to Disney Jr. Live with some friends! Grayson watched the entire thing and loved every minute of it!!

My little Jake;)

Kate, Grayson & Isaiah... a great time with good friends! :)