Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Santa Came!!

We woke up the next morning & SANTA CAME!!!
Grayson must have been a very good boy;)

And Copper too!

Walking out...

In awe, hehe! Love this moment!

Somebody's excited!!

Eat that little happy face up!!


He got his "cluto" dog he wanted so bad!

Santa must have known he was obsessed with Jake too!

Reading the letter from Santa and finishing off his cookies:)

Nerf guns! Daddy's request to Santa!

I think he had a good Christmas:)

Helping Dada!

Presents from Mom & Dad!

Turbo DVD!! Woo hoo!

And Jessie, to finish off his Toy Story collection!

I then cooked up a little breakfast!
Had to have a Jesus "Birthday Cake"...

Eggs, sausage, Christmas Tree toast & bacon... yummo!

Loved this... we will for sure carry on this tradition every year!

Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!!

Bon appetit my love! ;)

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