Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Phone Pics!

Happy Super Bowl! Let's celebrate!!

Some entertainment on a rainy day while Mommy recovered from the stomach virus.

Amazing how entertaining food coloring and shaving cream is! Even had some glowstick balloons!


It had been a while since I cooked spaghetti and this kid was LOVING it! Obviously...

Slurping his noodles:)

It tastes so much better when ya make a mess!

Getting ready for a day on the town in his sweater Josh's Mom made!

After our Kid's Play & Mellow Mushroom Date this kid was ready to crash!

Yeehaw for bacon!!

This is an everyday occurrence these days... Daddy & Gray wrestling!

Daddy's bench press while Grayson counts all the way to "eleventeen!!!" hehe! I just can't correct him;)

A little Chik-fil-a on the go!

 Trying on old clothes... doing a little spring cleaning!

Finally got him to eat PB&J! He loved it!

After a night at Nonna & Pop's this kid was worn out! I think this was a 3+ hour nap!

Getting ready for a day of shopping with Mommy & Nonna! We had to fuel him with a milk shake:)

Having a little fun at Collierville Mall!

We went in Build-a-bear and they gave him this super hero mask... he would not take it off! Not kidding, even lunch at Firebird's everyone got a good chuckle!

Preparing for the beach!

Park Day! We are SOO ready for Spring!

I love the park by our house. There are no streets anywhere near and he can just run free!

A little late night sword fight!

These 2 must have gotten a plan together at school! We both ended up at the park after school! They saw each other and started screaming each others names... it was so cute!

How I picked him up from Bic Bic's one day... hehe crazy kid!

Fun @ The Zoo! Howling at the wolves!

He loves the panda bears! Always a favorite!

My sweet buddy hanging out with the giraffes!

We saw a little baby monkey! It was so cute and he kept saying "he needs his mommma!" :)

Had a blast in the caves!

We had been working on "listening" this week and he did such a good job at the Zoo! I thought he needed a little Muddy's cupcake reward... and he did too;)

That night we went to bed and he started breaking out in hives (this was 2 days later, a little worse) and I freaked. It scared me, but I thought it was the amoxicillin he was on. However, after a doctor visit he thinks it has something to do with his allergies and think it's a very good possibility it could have been from the Zoo! So crazy! I guess we will just keep an eye out next time!

My little snuggle bunny!! With all of his favorites... Pop's hat, puppy & monkey (he sleeps with) & his yogurt!

Of course we had to celebrate a little 2 1/2 year olds birthday!

Kate & Cole came over & I guess he thought he had to hang with the big boys! He just rolled in the mud...

All boy:)

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet boy! I cannot even say the number "3" yet because it makes my stomach turn! Seriously you have to stay this age forever! Momma & Daddy love you "soooo much"! We are so proud of you;) xo buddy!

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