Tuesday, March 4, 2014

December Phone Pics!

Here's a little of our December through phone pics...

A fun Christmas night... watching Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas!

This balloon was from Grayson's first birthday. It was so cold and windy one night I guess it fell out of the tree from almost a year and a half ago! I walked out to the trash and couldn't believe it! I had no clue it was stuck in the tree and needless to say I shed a few tears. Time is so precious & it sure is flying...

Just a little Burlington Coat Factory poop explosion in the parking lot and it was freezzing!!!! We were both in a little distress!!!

Chick-fil-a peppermint milkshake! YUMMY!!

I picked Grayson up some pretend food to play with. I was appalled when he handed me this coke and asked me if I wanted a beer! ahhh!!

A little after movie dance action at the Paradiso!

We live at Kid's Play in the winter! It's the only fun, active thing to do when it's freezing!

My Christmas mani;)

Megan and Dave had a Christmas Vacation party! It was so fun & yes, Cousin Eddie was my date!

Chillaxin' with croup, ugh! Such a pitiful sickness!

Dr. Seuss collection, Thanks Chris!!

Getting a little breathing treatment during that nasty croup!

They gave him a steroid and he started emptying all his toys out of the diaper bag and playing with them on the floor. It made him a little loopy, but I was good with whatever kept him happy!

More rest for the weary!

This kid loves some breakfast food!

Yes, that would be my hubby on the 2nd row of the Tigers game! :)

Gotta love December and all the fun it brings!

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