Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Christmas Eve

We went over to my parents house Christmas Eve to get the festivities started! 

My Mom's cute decor:)

my sweet fam!

Critty & Critty Jr. hehe!

He loved opening all of the presents, especially since 95% of them were for him! He saw a "Jake" logo on the box and was already excited!

A Jake sword... this pirate is ready!

Not sure who's the bigger kid?:)

Copper got presents too! (& some love:)

He loooves his Copper Top!

A little jam out session is always necessary!

Two peas in a pod;)

We gotta have our eyes closed while we "rock out"!

Wonder who he gets it from?! ;)

Crab legs & Filet, can't beat it!

Diggin' his new dino house shoes!

He loooves Llama Llama books!

And has quite an obsession with puzzles!

His "ears" for his DVD player from Nonna & Pop!

My lil' musician!

Back home preparing for Santa's arrival!!!!

Cookies & Milk: Check! 

Uhoh, he came...;)

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